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[BOARD] Illanthea's Enchantment Services
A note has been attached to the board, with what you can only assume is a sloppy handwriter's 'neat' print.

'Illanthea's Enchantment Services'

"I have been trying to spread word by mouth, but that's going slowly. This is a Message to get my name out there. I run a small enchantment business with no real shop. I can work almost anywhere, and will accept jobs most anytime. I spend most free time seated infont the blacksmith in Cellsvich, you have probably seen me! I am a Zeran woman with light blue-ish hair. I charge 100 murai for an enchantment if you have everything I need. I also sell enchantments, price varies with how hard to come by they are. I have a fair supply of some, but cannot promise to keep the rare ones in stock."

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