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[BOARD/FLIER UPDATE 1.3] Fortunes' Favor (Treasure Hunters and Pawn Shop)
We've got a new banner but haven't moved! Still just as easy to find! Just come to the western side of cellsvich and see our glorious store front opposite the new Homeless Shelter in eastern cellsvich. Visiting anytime to check out our catalog or request items.

[Image: Fortune_s_Favor_Flier.png]

(This is a list of our wares in stuff.

(Sign out front is IC, and if it's set to say open i'll usually be inside at my desk behind the showroom. Otherwise, check ooc and other channels. Ask for Poptart and you'll find me usually.)
The stacks of fliers around cellsvich have been refreshed, new shiny posters put up on the boards. The boards have an addition note tacked on,

Got an eye for treasure, happen upon things you can't use, or just want some extra benefits on-top of your usual dungeon delving routine? Treasure Hunters who are working for Fortune's Favor directly get a 25% bonus on treasure they bring in.

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