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Jhunnder Where?
Aside from this being the worst thread name known to man, I'm having a slight issue with Jhunn.
Once it hit level fourty, Jhunn became unsummonable through regular means- for the record, I have both the GS and Bonder summon level increase innates, too.
Autosummon and infernal summon still seem to work, just not the Summon Jhunn skill.

As visual confirmation-
[Image: ef9059b0c6.jpg]

I've also tried other things, like using GS instead of Bonder, and rearranging slots, but no dice.
Slight development.
They're both outta there now.
Maybe it has something to do with the bonder lv/bonded innate, or something? They're 41/42, and both at high friendship.

[Image: 64e61db4e6.jpg]
As of reboot, this has corrected itself.
Will keep updating if it happens again.
It might have to do with the skill caching changes. Curious if there's a common trigger and if it's affecting every player when it happens.
Pretty sure it's a cache thing, I started getting similar issues (like my Terrasque using someone else's Seiryuu's name, and listing Dragon Install).
I'll try to look into it a bit more, since I'm pretty baffled by it too.
It does seem to happen more when I summon/install from the hotbar, though.
THere's your issue, do not use the hotbar for anything anymore, it's currently bugged out and we're attempting to fix, only use it when you're willing to test for issues with it and do not care if that character happens to bug out to a point where it is unusable.
OOC Devourer Of Souls: it makes me feel like someone slipped me acid laced water

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