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Donation Item Suggestions
Golden Plume:
Basically an infinite Alga Plume in the vein of the Golden Pickaxe/Lockpick.

Added feature (and probably the main reason for having it): Ability to return to the spot you last used it while inside the dungeon/the floor on which you used it (perhaps a dialogue box when entering said dungeon), something along those lines. Basically gives you and your party a chance to easily get out of the dungeon, heal, fix your weapons, etc, and get back in without having to retread your territory.
But if the dungeon despawns while you do this, bad luck? Unless using it keeps the dungeon from doing so, though I dunno if this would cause issues or not.
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Custom Clothing:

Submit an icon and have it be made into a custom clothing object only you can have on your icon. Obviously it has to be a BYOND compatible icon, so no freakishly large icons or anything like that.
Household Services (200 Asagorians)

Requires: Asago House Ticket.

"Why should you leave the comfort of your own home to rest up and recover? This item, when placed in a home, places an NPC servant who serves as an Inn and Blacksmith (for weapon repair services.) This will allow those with their own custom battlefields to not need to leave the home completely just to recuperate, especially if it is presently difficult to do so. (Example: Living in Dormeho or Tannis during a Beast Raid) or even simply allow people to carry the wounded home to tend to them, without going "lol sorry need to stop at the inn for a second." This item can only be placed inside a home owned by the player in question."
*loud burp*
[Image: 1Jp8Zbj.png]

honestly i thought that thread would be something different but

An Extra Level that's bigger, pretty much. If possible.
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Death's Exemption (250 Asagorians)

Allows you to change the icon of Death Knighting to something less...Awful.
I'd buy Kam's one. Anything to make DK customizable, aw ye!

Ninja Socks (100~200 Asagorians)
Feel like a real ninja! Turns off your movement sound, independent of the armor type used.
[Image: ht_pudding_the_fox_04_mt_140821_16x9_384.jpg]
So. We already got boxes of randomized mirror shards, but...with how many shards we have now, you may end up spending a -lot- finding the one shard you actually want.

Thus I propose being able to just buy individual shards for like, 100 asagorians each or something. Maybe lower? Either way, this could possibly be in another chest like the DISCer chest to avoid cluttering the donation shop.
Customizable DISCer Expansion- (250 Asagos)

Requires: ASAGO House Ticket

Tired of the same old wallpaper on your bedroom walls? Look no farther than the Asago Corperation's new customizable DISCer expansion. Create new wallpapers, door designs, and floors with this! (Can not be used to create new furniture).

Upload images (whatever image size requirement is needed) for your DISCer, and name the expansion (Uses:1)
[Image: fcdc982ebf1e89c81a35ebf5b00594000a79e8c2.gif]

Byond Keys: IttyBittyGhostKitty, Kurokonoha, AikoShion, Kassakuro
Dungeon Guide - 800 Asagorians

A book that does... Basically everything useful related to dungeons.

-Displays the current type of dungeon you are in + all prefixes + the level of the dungeon
-Displays how many monsters are left on the current floor
-Displays what level the mobs are on the floor
-Displays how close you are to the core floor
-Has an 'Escape' feature like the Alga Plumes
-Displays a 'Record' of how many dungeons you've done of each type (Prefixes, difficulty, type, etc.)
-Informs you if there is a miner/assassin on the floor

-Possibly displays the direction of the core in relation to you
-Possibly displays the direction of the stairs in relation to you
-Possibly displays the amount of chests left on the floor.
Too much of a gameplay advantage to be fair as a donor item.

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