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Donation Item Suggestions
(12-27-2020, 03:44 PM)Kairi404 Wrote: Not sure if this has been requested yet, but I'd like to see more golden tools

Things like Golden Axes, Shovels, and Hoes, it'd make the having to make a new tool every 25 uses not a problem anymore, maybe it's just my lazy speaking.

Another thing that could be slightly useful would be some form of banker we can carry with us, that would allow us to withdraw and deposit Murai without having to go to the bank, really nothing more than a convenience, much like the PDA allowing you to finish and take requests remotely
There is a golden bucket allready, so why didn't we get golden shovel and hoe? Also axe would be nice too
[Image: kTbQzUT.png]
True Mirror - 500 asagorians

Unlocks all mirror shards for your character on use

Honestly the only reason I don't use mirror shards is because I don't know what they look like! I would gladly pay 5 bucks or even more to stop worrying and make much better icons for my characters
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Automatic Pawn Shop
Automatic Shopkeeper Expansion item.

The inverse function of an Automatic Shopkeeper, allows you to specify specific items that you are buying, players can then approach the pawn shop and sell their items to the owner of said pawn shop.

The way I'd imagine this to function is that when you specify an item to buy, you deposit murai equal to the set price * amount you wish to buy.

Incredibly helpful for people who want to buy crafting materials from players.
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A silly idea, thats probably more work than its worth it but.


What they do is basically allowing you to design your own dance routine by allowing you to input a sequence of movements, that will play whenever you load it up. How I imagine it to function is in the following way:

You can decide Steps, Turns, Hops(Like in Idol dance animation) Speed of the animation being played for each 'frame' AND most importantly style seed effects that play at any point of the animation sequence. So you can basically do your own versions of an out of combat idle dance.

I imagine it a little like a 'movie maker' just that its Input based and editable.

Functions I would like to see:
Create dance routine: Like explained above, but you can save the 'Dance Sheet' locally on your computer, that means you can share it with other people too by 'teaching' them ICly
Perform Custom Dance: Loads the 'Dance Sheet' from your computer and plays 

Perform premade Dance: Like...Just use normal idol dance animation out of combat or if you feel like it, add some yourself as 'basic' dances
Party Custom Dance Routine: If you wanna go crazy with it, you could make it so that you can make everyone in the part perform the dance, or even add the possibility to have up to 4 "Tracks" for the animation so everyone in the dance even moves differently if you are crazy enough to bother with it.
Party Dance Routine: Same as above but with premade. Like everyone doing the idol dance at the same time, if they confirm a pop up.

I think it would be funny to able to do that, for some visual flair and 'Idol groups'. Also allows for some community sharing from the more creative people that have too much time on their hand.

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Radio - Plays any ingame track.

Golden Axe - As name says.
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Rainbow Skillbook

Applies a color to a skill effect.

You could choose the color, and whether it's multiply, subtract, or additive, then you select one skill in the game. While you hold the book, that skill's effect will be colored.

It sounds like a lot of fun to flavor stuff as different colors. For instance, blue fire, or white light spells instead of yellow. It would really help keep characters consistent in terms of color palette which is something I think is really important, and it would also allow more creativity and variety in what we see in battle. Often, stuff just looks very samey in combat. One big example is wraithguard. Imagine if each wraithguard in one of those 4v4 fights had a different color! I would pay so much money for this
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Mercenary Regalia - 500 Patrions

Allows you to choose one of applicable mercenary in your roster to be changed. It will allow you to rename, and change sprite of your mercenary to non-bosses mobs, or player's current sprite loadout at the time.
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i'm sure it's been said many times but it has to keep being said until it is added
golden axe, golden shovel, golden hoe
Some sort of customization regalia to Weapon Telepathy. Let my weapon have a personality. Let other people be able to see what the weapon is saying if they're spiritually sensitive!

The current responses are dull!
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Create Shade Regalia, with the option to have your current appearance be used as an option.
[Image: rwFTX1T.png]
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