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Donation Item Suggestions
Display Regalia - This Regalia is heavily modular, allowing to modify its own icon file, icon state, name and description an unlimited amount of times, but serves no real purpose otherwise.

The purpose of the item is to be used for Item Display.
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(06-20-2023, 01:18 PM)Snake Wrote: Display Regalia
Can't you just use a normal regalia with item mount?
Brain Food > Mind Potion - Same thing as Brain Food but it is no longer a food just an item you use before battle which gives youbonus EXP but still lets you eat food.
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Transformation Regalia: An item kept in the inventory that can be toggled before battles (or maybe in battles via the passives menu?) that allows you to set a Mirror save slot as the appearance you take when using transformation spells like Death Knighting, Shine Knighting and Mirror Knighting instead of the default.
I made a little mock-up for this suggestion. Dunno how feasible it would be, but allowing for weaponry to have two states (For in combat, and then also for in profile viewing).

Then. Add a way for Regalia'd weapons to be 64x64 for Profile Viewing. You could ABSOLUTELY fit 6 64x64's on the gear examination screen.

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Galeon Zviera's turn.
Critical Hit! Galeon Zviera attacks Jammer with  Floating Red Letter  and hits them!
Jammer takes 8420 Pierce damage.

Tiny Fawn Girl recovered 8550 HP.
Isabelline recovered 8550 HP.

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