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Eliminate Damage
Eliminate seemed like a cool skill at first but its damage doesn't live up what its supposed to be by the looks of it.

Truth be told, autohits don't suit physical based void assassins, 160% Weapon scaling is a lot, and so is an innate damage steroid, but that doesn't mean a whole lot to VAs when they scale from crit damage exponentially, being their weapon scaling and primary damage source, on top of this...

daggers boast low power, but not the best of scaling, they have no steroids like weapon power or 2hand or passives to boost their scaled weapon attack.

So in short, the scaling on the skill is nice, the innate damage buff is also nice, but daggers simply cannot pull off this skill correctly, and they never really will..Infact the only daggers I can think of that can pull off this skill is probably a mutated Brawler's Glove and a mutated wooden Katana, and I know how much you love Mutation.

In that sense, I actually think this skill would be better off suited as a basic attack skill with a damage steroid on it, suited more towards killing a target and reaping rewards for doing it correctly.

Here's what I suggest:


Becomes basic attack(s) (Split across two hits, slash and pierce)

Both basics gain Hit and Crit equal to Void Energy.

Gains damage equal to Rank*4% of the target's missing health, and is doubled when sneaking.

Has a 3 round cooldown.

And just to make sure this is in here too, cause these effects were cool and I really prefer they'd be kept:

1 Range, 7 when Airborne.

If eliminate kills a target, the cooldown is refreshed and all targets gain fear permanently.

What do you think?
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Skills that have done multiple attacks have always been too strong in the past, so I don't really want to do that.
My initial concern is if it can be used on Youkai (perma-Fear on a player because a Summon dies in the fight doesn't sit well with me but I can't really test it considering I don't have the means to atm and I haven't heard anything about it - from what I've heard this is the case, though). In PvE, I suppose it's fine-ish.

Aside from that, maybe Crit and Hit equal to 1/2 Void Energy?
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Well it'd have a cooldown and be spread across multiple hits but..I can see why that'd be a problem, like with the old Beowhulf set, if it was split damage I don't think it'd be any different than dagger dance though.
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Coming back to this and after some tests... I think Eliminate should hold some 'execute' potential at above 30-45 Void Energy in all cases, not only versus non-bosses. Just make it do a separate Akashic damage equal to 75% of the enemy's missing health, along with Eliminate's normal damage. It will sure make it useful on taking down ALL low targets while not being straight out broken.

So, it may damage like:
Quote:- Pierce Damage (100 + [Rank LV SWA]%)
- Slash Damage (100 + [Rank LV SWA]%)
- Akashic Damage ((Void Energy LV + 25)% of target's missing HP)

"Neus" Wrote:Skills that have done multiple attacks have always been too strong in the past, so I don't really want to do that.
Those skills that do multiple attacks are often swords or axes who can get beyond 150 SWA easily. Daggers can't reach over 80-90 Scaled Weapon Attack because for once, they're not autohit weapons for lacking Two-Hand synergy. The damage is not satisfying for the way it simply strips you naked of Void Energy, Momentum and FP all together, leaving you wide open for other people to wreck your shit in.

Also, side-note but, something else I think it would fit in is Moonlight Mercy's animation activating but colored a purple tint with animate(), if you use it at 60 Void Energy. Maybe a bigger explosion depending on how much Void Energy is being used beyond 30?
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