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[Description Bug] The Cloning affect
What this bug does, is essentially clone someone else's description completely, and overwrites your own description with theirs. This includes HTML pictures, the background colors you choose for your description, the borders of the picture and description area, and even the BGM the person you cloned was using.

The way this bug works is actually pretty simple and as far as I've tested, very repeatable.

Step 1: Click yourself and look at your own description.

Step 2: Click somebody else and look at their description whilst your description is still open.

Step 3: Click the gear button, and choose the option to edit the page in this description.

Step 4: Make the tiniest change ever, then save said change.

After this, the other person's description will remain unaltered, but yours will become a complete clone of theirs. This doesn't seem like -that- big of a problem but at the same time it is just a -bit- strange as a thing that you can do.

[Image: Bug_bug_bug_bug_bug.png]
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Equipment is also (visually not literally) cloned. Same method, though - you're just not clicking the gears at all. You're simply clicking from one character description to the next while the original was still up.

I can post screenshots if needed.
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This should be corrected.

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