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Migrating Goblins
I'm not sure if a player ran by and caused this (because there was a corpse on the completely other side of the cavern) or if something wonky happened with them but it seems the goblins in the static east of Dormeho are wandering to the east atm.

I haven't tried to see if they'd aggro onto you or not so I can't say if they're bugged out that way atm or not.

[strike]They must've heard we're coming for them in the next part of the event-line.[/strike]

Picture 1:
[Image: Z5RJWw6.png]

Picture 2:
[Image: 2h10EKi.png]
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Let me know if you find the cause and a reproduction method.
Whatever caused it seems to still be going on. I'll check into it at some point to see if I can figure out but it seems like they'll spawn normally and literally just walk that way from the minor encounter I had the other day with it.

I'll see if I can compare them to regular BDP spawned ones or the other world static to see if those are affected as well. Honestly clueless with this.

Edit: Typo fix.
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Exxy Izzy
I've seen this happen a few times over the years. It seems to only happen in the goblin cave, as I've never seen that happen to mobs in any of the static dungeons or BDPs.

Those goblins in particular just really like that wall.
[Image: XVa5SaQ.png]
Is it possible they just use different pathing/are a different or older mob type than the ones that spawn in current BDPs/other statics?
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Exxy Izzy
I can confirm that it happened alot; on my last travel through the Goblin cave they had originally warped to me when I entered a fight; and had stacked ontop and around me. When I engaged in another fight they all wandered off back to the wall; there are still a few goblins that wander about normally but a collect few like to just sit and stare at the water dry on the wall for whatever reason.

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