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Nil'kemorya advertisement
Posted on the post board in town Written on parchment and fine golden leafed edges

The Nil'kemorya extend an offer for our services to the common people of the Empire. To hire, merely inquire Taneal Greyshoulders (alias Tired Mercenary) and/or DM me. Our services include Smithing, Bodygaurd work, Swords for Hire, Supply and Enchanting, to name but a few. We also have a stall just north of Asago Bank stocked with quality gear and do commisions there as well. We appreciate your business and charge fairly for whatever services you may require of us.
Big Grin posted for taneal our forum accounts have been giving issues and finally I got my account to actually post ^^ To contact me look for (Osiris the dead which in urn I will guide you along to taneal icly if she can not be reached )

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