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[board] F.F's Spooky Fun
Those same three kids from before would be putting out new posters. Though this time they had happy face-painted smiles showing their love for all that is spooky.

[Image: 98x5ok.png]

Date And Times:Final sell of raffle tickets will be on friday 8pm E.S.T with the results being given around 9-10pm at the same time.

There shall be food and drinks provided to all who attend free of charge in the lounge of Fortune Favors.

Raffle tickets will cost 25 murai a ticket and 35 murai for double point tickets You can buy both sets of tickets to up your changes PM ZyTheGuy#0972 for when you want to purchase tickets.
Tiny update. Due to some unforeseen events Fortunes event will be pushed back for sunday 11-4-2018. Same times just different day. The last chance to buy said raffles with be 8pm E.S.T. and the raffle will begin at 9pm

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