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Lore Questions: January (2019)ish
Turadis post_id=35345 time=1549963110 user_id=2059 Wrote:It's technically not January anymore, but let's go ahead and drop some questions why not?

1) What is the average Mercalan's/The Church's opinion on Mechanations?

2) Are Mechanations able to become citizens (And enjoy the rights thereof) in any country? Which ones if so?

3) If a suitably human-feeling mechanation outlives their creator, what is their legal status, as far as Karaten is concerned? Are they free to do what they want with their life?

4) As I understand it a Summoner's contract with their youkai is represented via tattoo, does this tattoo disappear if the contract is ended?

5) How large are Youkai Fairies?

6) Is the Drowned Woman Youkai literally a woman who used to be mortal and became a ghost Youkai? Or is that just an exaggerated story?

1) No average opinions.
2) Only in special circumstances. Mechanations are generally seen as creations of Karaten however and the mage who created them has ownership.
3) Probably not. They're likely to get reassigned.
4) Yes.
5) About the size of your head.
6) No one can be sure about the origin of most Youkai.

Trexmaster post_id=35356 time=1550016805 user_id=76 Wrote:1) On the subject of Mechanations and their perceived humanity: would a Mechanation that recognizes the fact they're not human have a greatly diminished lifespan compared to a Mechanation that's deluded into believing they're human--and somehow never figures out what they actually are.

2) Are there any limits to the area and mass of Asago homes?

2a) Would it be accurate to say (based entirely on mechanics) Asago effectively sells land/space in their private dimension??? at a rate of 500 Asagorians per Extra Level's worth of area.

2b) Does Asago possess infinite amounts of space to lend?

2c) Does Asago actually hold a monopoly on the concept of housing? (see: complete control over any and every house a PC will ever make)

2d) Can everything asked above about Asago be summed up with "Don't overthink how Asago works, it's mostly a mechanical convenience and not much else."?

3) Do crops (potatoes, corn, tomatoes, etc) grow as quickly ICly as they do mechanically (see: like 10 in game hours)? Or can it be assumed that's just a mechanical thing?

1) No, most Mechanations are aware of what they are.
2) Yes.
2a/b/c/d) It's a donation item so it's best not to think about it. Generally it's best to assume they're just magical houses that can be bigger inside than they look outside.
3) Growth speed is mostly just for the sake of convenience rather than realism.

Spoops post_id=35357 time=1550017285 user_id=193 Wrote:1) When a dullahan believes he has fulfilled his purpose somehow, are they forced to move on and pass to whatever afterlife there may be?

2) How does a dullahan perceive pain? Do they even feel physical pain? Is soul-related pain even a thing?

2a) If Dullahans can't perceive pain, does that mean they cannot feel the effects of extreme cold or heat? Even if it may hinder their movement/capabilities.

3) Do glamours exist to some capacity? and how so? Is that basically just what the portable mirror is?, or would they simply have to be illusion based?

1) No.
2) It depends on the Dullahan but generally they don't feel pain.
2a) They can feel temperature, but it's not like extreme cold would make them lose consciousness/etc, even if it would freeze them.
3) You'd have to be more specific. Donation items and their functions are generally for convenience rather than serving a 'real' function.

Skimmy2 post_id=35371 time=1550069679 user_id=386 Wrote:1) Does Chaturanga use other chess based names like Black Knights? For example, would they call a Mercalan Priest a White Bishop?
1a) Do they have positions/roles for Pawn, Rooks, Kings and Queens as well?

2) Does Chaturanga have any form of titleage such as Squire, Baron, Count, or Duke?

1/a) They do.
2) Squires serve knights, yes. There are counts that control land not owned by the barons of important families, usually houses of knights.

DoctorMad post_id=35789 time=1553375151 user_id=1963 Wrote:1, About Asha, the Shrine, and the Nameless God.
1.1) Do people actually come to the Nameless Shrine to pray?
1.2)Is worshiping the Nameless God popular anywhere?
1.3) Did he ever do anything notable, other than coming to rest in the mountain? I'm interested in what made people worship him, specially.
1.4) Asha seems a bit reserved, doesn't that interrupt her duties as a Shrine Maiden?

2)Do Kigal Replicas also contain the secret to immortality?
2.1)Is it lichdom?

3)Why do Kaelians not like non-kaelia(or other egwynians such as wild elves) visiting Egwyn? Is it xenophobia?

4)Do druids have any distaste for artificial lifeforms, such as mechanations?

5)"Doriads can speak to other plants, but in very simplistic ways, and can only really do so on an emotional level."-- How emotional can this get? You mentioned it being simple, but it could potentially still form strong connections.

1.1) Yes, though not necessarily to the Nameless God.
1.2) Not really.
1.3) Nope. They were just a really big snake that scared away monsters by being really big. That was enough.
1.4) Is she a shrine maiden?
2) No.
2.1) It is not.
3) A lot of their visitors in the past were people trying to kidnap them and sell them into slavery, so they are understandably not trusting.
4) They would dislike Mechanations in particular as they're born from destroying nature.
5) Think of it as one word communication; happy, sad, scared, etc. That's about it.

Stenzio post_id=36050 time=1554925446 user_id=138 Wrote:I do not recall if this was brought up previously but:

1.) Is it actually legal to hunt vampires in Lordwain or Lispool?

2.) Is there a city of Alstalsia, in Alstalsia? The reputation tab implies so; or is that meant to mean the continent of Alstalsia as a whole? Any brief information you can tell us about it since unlike the strongholds it doesn't have any information to it, nor is it labeled on the map you made of the continent.

1) No, the powers that be generally don't want to encourage such things because sometimes, people are wrong or mislead others on who is a vampire. Lordwain is vast and frigid, though, so lawlessness outside of the major settlements is hard to stop.
2) There sure is.

GenixSS113 post_id=36369 time=1556489649 user_id=276 Wrote:1.) How was blood magic discovered? (In reference to the new ghost abilities)

2.) Is it possible to make rituals using blood magic?

1) It's been something that's existed since ancient times, so no one knows.
2) I'm not sure what you mean by rituals. Things like the items from Darkwood? Blood magic can be used in those sorts of things, yes.

Snake post_id=36372 time=1556555197 user_id=310 Wrote:...

1) No.
2) I'd recommend looking up some real world examples of this sort of thing.

3) No.
4) No.
5) Extremely rare.
6) Yes.
7) Yes.
8/b) The latter. They don't lower your lifespan.
9/10/11/12/14/18) No one knows.
13/15/16/17/19/20/21) No.

Please limit your questions to a smaller number next time.

Ryuzaki post_id=36420 time=1556968691 user_id=606 Wrote:Credit to Ryan(Grandpa) for the inspiration behind this one:

1) We know Dark bards exist, but, what other types of bards exist, and how do they vary?
1a) Do other bards frown upon dark bards because of their taste in more aggressive forms of art?
1b) If there are others, where do certain music types originate from, where are they popular, and would people from certain areas have cultural differences in their music to people from others. (For instance, would Karaten be more into a Jazz like music, while say Chaturanga, would be more into classicalesque types.)

2) Do the countries of the Great six have their own national anthems that would be similar to these kinds of pieces?

3) What's the Emperor's favorite type of music?

Edit: Typo fixes, my bad.

1) Bards generally cover the broad range of musical talents, though some performers are more suited to singing and some to playing.
1a) Some probably do.
2) Yes.
3) He likes organs a lot.

Detective100 post_id=36512 time=1557610160 user_id=280 Wrote:I have a couple question about Hyatt-Namely, about any would be worship:

1) First, are there any cults, churches, or anything of the sort that currently exist for Hyatt? Are there any worshipers of Hyatt, and if so, how many?

2) As the patron deity of the hyattrs, how would he have interacted with them?

3) What type of teachings, tenets, and/or rules would Hyatt have given to his would-be-churches, if he could? (For example, how Mercala warns against a too casual use of mercelan healing magic, and instead prefers her followers to use ordinary means of healing if possible, instead of using healing magic as a crutch)

1) Organized religion is probably a no. I'm sure there are still those who worship him, however.
2) Not very much. Hyattr did what pleased him. Sometimes that meant laying waste to the land, which his followers would likely join in with.
3) He was not that kind of God. He simply liked demonstrating his power and destroying things.

Tamaki-Kun post_id=36734 time=1559197879 user_id=160 Wrote:Heeeere we go.

Outer Space:
1) What are the starsigns? Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, etc. What are they, exactly?

2) Are they actual planets? If so, can we see them via telescope or some other sight-enhancing thing?

3) How much do people know about outer space, anyway? Are they aware of comets and all that?

1) Is it possible for Youkai to have different forms/parts? Say, a Byakko with long, tail-like whiskers. Or an Apus with four wings instead of two.

2) Is it plausible for a Youkai to shrink in size via summoning them or some other means? i.e. a Kilkenny being summoned with minimal focus, and instead of a big 'ol cat, we get a small kitten-youkai that has minimized power?

3) If yes to the above, would that mean the amount of focus drained is reduced?

Sigrogana(The Empire- or I think it's an empire.):
1) Not sure if it's been asked before, but what kind of military does it have? Similar to- other, regular armies in real life like having a fleet of battleships, soldiers on the ground, and stealth/spy operatives?

2) What do people generally think of adventurers nowadays? The general opinion/view of them since they're often around their capitals/towns, Cellsvich especially. The common folk- the poor, the nobles, and anything in between.

Other Stuff:
1) Is it possible for someone to invent trains/planes/all those other things through hard work and effort- in a reasonable amount of time in-character?

2) Do most materials in real life exist in Sigrogana as well? Plastic and the like.

3) How modern is Sigrogana, exactly? Like- a rough estimate? If I recall, electricity isn't needed since we have the Salamander Structure for those things, but is it still a known alternative to things?

Class Stuff:
1) Forest Walk! What is it, exactly? Is it teleportation, or just quick movements?

2) What are Bonder's new skills? Like, how does it work? Warp Strike/Pinball Strike is you throwing your weapon and then warping over, sure. But is it related to the Void? or is it just you entering the Youkai realm for a split second and then appearing out as you 'summon yourself to your weapon'?

Is it like that? Summoning yourself to your weapon?

I think that's all from me... for now.

1/2/3) I'm certain I've answered this before, check the other threads.

1) Sure.
2) Sure.
3) Proportionally to the power, sure.

1) They have a very large land army, as well as a decent sized navy. They are mainly focused on the defense of Sigrogana, so most of the armies are stationed in forts across the continent.
2) Hard to say since adventurers are quite varied to say the least. Sometimes they're your only option if you want something done that you can't do yourself, though.

1) 'All those other things' is very vague, but probably not.
2) Plastic is a very modern material so, no, that wouldn't be in our medieval fantasy world.
3) It's a medieval fantasy world.

1) It's being sneaky and quick.
2) It's very quick limited magical movement.

Spoops post_id=36770 time=1559575574 user_id=193 Wrote:Wild Elves:
1) Is every elf born outside of Mersales a wild elf automatically? Including elven children born to a Mersalen elf (or elves) who has been domesticated for the most part?

2) What are the importance of the spots then in that case? Does it show impurity from not being born in the paradise of Mersales?

3) I've been told that vampires cannot regenerate certain racial parts once they are lost, does this hold true for all racial parts?

4) Do these racial parts regenerate upon misting and reforming in in the vampire's lair?

5) Focus signatures are something I've heard to be a thing in the past, who exactly can utilize the ability? Are zerans more proficient at this?
5b) Is the Majistra guild able to detect these in any way?

6) Can focus signatures be changed in any way, including by liches who have reconstructed themself a new body. (This is in relation to one of my liches, who is currently on the wanted board, I am wondering if by re-creating his body he is able to travel un-noticed or not.)

1) That is generally the definition, yes. They are elves born in the 'wild', aka outside of Mersales.
2) Possibly.

3) You can regenerate them, but they hold no special powers or function, and will generally be less durable than your actual body. IE, your old wings will probably lose feathers much easier.
4) See above.

5) Yes.
5b) Majistra is a mage family that focuses on teleportation magic.

6) No.

Slydria post_id=36912 time=1560722685 user_id=51 Wrote:I've got a few questions about Theno:

1) We know Theno have fin-like protrusions near their ears and have smooth skin.

But for absolute clarity's sake, is it possible for Theno to have other features such as:

1a) Fish-like scales on parts of their body.
1b) Gills.
1c) Fins in other locations. (E.g. On top of their head, back, arms or legs?)
1d) Fish-like tails.
1e) Irregular skin colour. (E.g. Blue skin)

2) Are Theno able to breathe underwater or can they hold their breath for extended periods? Assuming one or the other, how long can they generally do this for?

3) We know Theno are native to the seas south of Egwyn and tend to live on small islands. Are there a series of islands south of Egwyn then? If so, do they have a known name?

4) I'm curious about some of the general culture around Egwyn-based Theno:

4a) For instance, what's their social structure like? Do they live in tribes like other Egwyn natives? Do they have roles such as a chieftain, shamans, warriors, hunters, gatherers and so on?

4b) If they're tribal, is there one big tribe or a handful of smaller tribes south of Egwyn?

4c) How do these Theno typically treat others? Such as foreigners or even other Egwynians?

4d) Are there any notable laws or rules to these Theno?

5) What's the average lifespan for a Theno?

1) They are a corrupted race, therefore the appearance of them can greatly vary.
2) They can breathe underwater somewhat but it is very inefficient. They have to go up for fresh air eventually.
3) I haven't given them one, but that doesn't mean they don't. They are small islands, though.
4a/b/d) They are more primitive and less social than the land-based tribes are, so they do not live in a big society with rules or anything like that.
4c) Avoidance.
4d) About the same as other corrupted races.

WaifuApple post_id=37028 time=1561691870 user_id=1751 Wrote:Lore questions from me about the Oracles!

1. Though oracles have bad vision naturally due to... well, being Oracles, would wearing glasses prove to be of any benefit to them?

2. Would an Oracle be able to find a temporary solution to this eyesight issue, at a cost of their ability to see the future for the same duration? Or is it impossible for them?

3. Should neither glasses, nor anything else be a solution to an Oracle's vision woes, even if just temporarily, are there any ways to mitigate that vision loss? Perhaps clarifying / refining eyesight a little to make things a little clearer.

1) Not really. It's an affliction of their race, not something that can be corrected with eye glasses.
2) No.
3) None that are known.

Aqua post_id=37129 time=1562690625 user_id=1961 Wrote:Lore Questions from me about races with Unique ears and hearing in general! (Felidae, Omnia etc)

1) How far can these races with unique ears generally hear in comparison to other races?
For example is it possible to hear someone from Cellsvich if they're in the forest. That kind of thing.

2) Do they have a better chance in hearing things , for example the shot of a gun or whistling from a rather far distance?

3) Other than the Mechniacal ways to stop a ruptured ear (the item in game), is there anyway of Mitigating hearing loss if severe?
a. If yes would this be something Karaten people in specific would know or anyone with the know how?

1) No. It's above average hearing. It doesn't turn them into a radar dish, it just slightly extends the range they can hear things and greatly increases their ability to hear quieter sounds nearby.
2) Very slightly.
3) I'm not sure what you mean exactly.

Moose post_id=37160 time=1562908862 user_id=686 Wrote:1) What is the average lifespan for Onima?

2) If all but five vampires in the world were killed, could there be no more new vampires?
2b) Would Huggessoa intervene?

1) About the same as a Redtail.
2) Without divine intervention, yes.
2b) Most likely, if they're still around.

Mewni post_id=37204 time=1563919809 user_id=2075 Wrote:Does voice recorders exists at all? Be it those goofy vintage ones or a contraption made with magic crystals enchanted with a Galdr spell? Recently i was told SL1 had a item called Wiretap, even if certain stuff didn't transfer over, voice recording methods is brought up a few times per month.

1) I won't say such a thing is impossible but right now, no.

Sarah54321 post_id=37208 time=1563969052 user_id=78 Wrote:Can a theno give birth to another theno? Is Theno-ism hereditary like Umbrals, or is it transformation only like Shaitan and Papilion?

Only between a Theno and another Theno.

adamkad1 post_id=37537 time=1567358540 user_id=166 Wrote:1. Whats the relationship between mercalan church and nonpriest healing spells (first aid, phoenix, phenex abilties, etc.)

2. Whats the relationship between mercalan church and priests offensive spells (shine ray and such)

3. Can dullahans switch to a different armor under any circumstances

4. Can dullahans go around holding their heads like some other dullahans?

1) There is none. Look up psuedoelementals on the wiki.
2) They're Mercalan magic, I guess?
3) Nope.
4) They can hold their helmets, yes.

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