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Torrential Downpour in Southern Areas
Current Version: v2.01b

It seems for whatever reason, when you enter the last five-to-ten squares of a map while it's raining you can notice a change in the texture of the rain (it's worth noting this happens with every map from what I can tell but I haven't verified it with Cellsvich yet). I'll provide screenshots below:

[Image: 0qd40oB.png]

Near Southern Border:
[Image: 6lTcOxL.png]
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Exxy Izzy
I am not sure where or what you mean.
It happens with all map that has rain. The rainn texture changes whenever you're close to the edge of the map. Sometimes it's unbearable when it happens and it's night.
[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: BAWqB6P.png]

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