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Pet profile is borked
Since i bought my pet, i cannot set a image as it's profile picture. And yes, its the right dimensions and it's only 50kb

There is a work around people told me since apparently seeting the picture is a buggy mess, that was to make a background the same size as the pet description box and link it with the HTML command
but that didn't work either, making it just display the code.

The person that did give me that tip logged in a character and checked their pet, and confirmed the workaround stopped working for them too.
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Well, apparently it works when you use tinypic and choose the link for backgrounds. if its intended it would save a lot of misunderstanding to put it on the description, as no one was able to tell me what was wrong, and other active and old players flat-out stated its just buggy and they rarely get it to work.
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You are supposed to put in a direct link to the image, not any html to link it.

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