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Lore Questions: Septemberish (2019)
On the subject of Mercana and the appropriate times to use it, in a previous lore thread you've said the following.

Neus Wrote:"...If a threat, such as a monster, is about and the only way to make sure it's stopped is to heal someone who can defeat it, that is another valid use. If you are pursuing a greater threat towards others, such as monsters (but not mortals), then it can be used without much worry..."

Aren't there scenarios where these tenants can potentially conflict? For instance, a serial killer or murderous assailant is a greater threat towards others, and also a mortal. Potentially one that could be stopped by healing someone capable of defeating them. Is it legal to use healing Mercana in just about any circumstance where the consequence of not using healing Mercana could reasonably lead to someone's death? Or is there a threshold of danger that must be surpassed? If so, where would such a threshold lie?
1: If an overly [strike]suicidal[/strike] ambitious individuals attempted to found their own City State or micro nation, how swiftly would they be resubjugated?
I imagine the Onigan and Sigroganian Empires would soon send their troops to deal with such rebellious behaviour however what about on Egwyn, Kysei or elsewhere?

1a: In other words, how likely would a new Sovereignty form with the current world powers?

2: does Onigan culture have a negative stereotype to tattoos?

3: does Lispool have its own language, and if so, what is it based on?
I know I've asked a lot already, but... Some of us are going crazy over this and need clarification:

When Mercala ATTEMPTED to heal Ryart's wounds, is it implied (see: confirmed) that she failed to heal him BECAUSE of Zera's unique ability to inflict Cursed Wounds?
If yes, does this mean Mercala would not be able to heal wounds caused by Zera, despite his Akasha not being able to sever her connection to life?
And tying into this question, is the Akasha the weapon that deals Cursed Wounds, or is it merely Zera's own unique ability? Seems like he wouldn't need the Akasha if that were the case.
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With the advent of clinics in full-swing, these questions beg an answer:

How is blood type identified for transfusions?

If a Vampire donates blood and the blood is transfused to someone (be it human, another race, etc.), how would the patient react? What if it's somehow blood from six different Vampires? Is there a way for someone to differentiate Vampire blood from regular blood aside from lack of Focus?
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1.) Would it be possible to cut off someone's arm and leg then graft their leg to their open wound arm socket and have it mend? I wouldn't expect it to be a functioning leg, but I was wondering if it would be possible to do that and have them not bleed out or die.

2.) On the same vein, could you cut someone's lips and then graft the cuts together so they can't talk?

Thank you!

Edit: I heard from Sawrock that he did something sorta similar for an event with one of his characters, Bloeden to make mutants some years ago.
Liches and Synthetic Hair. How exactly does it work:
A.) The Material is simply resistant to the "Burn"
B.) Is it meant to be ontop of whatever material their Epherial body is possessing, like some skull or Helmet, and therefore just untouched by the Acashic flames?

2.) Does that also mean that in theory Syntheic skin(Or Silicone) could be applied similary to how Mechanations work, as long its not directly touching the "Fire"? As I assume its barely any extra weight to move, so shouldn't be much of a problem for the lich.

3.) Can a Lich therefore posses some "Real sized Dolls"(Like Mannequins or Marionettes, I am not asking to look like a mechanation, Just had the concept idea of a mad puppeteer who became one with his work via lichdom), assuming they are made of fire resistant material?
3 B.) Plus synthetic Skin/hair over said material?
Can I have a little bit of information on the general character and Region of houses: Tunnin(Yeah I know they have a human on their seat but that doesn't really give me the type of thing I want to know), Trymela(I think they are more in charge or own the capital for some reason although I don't know why apparently they got on the council due to leveraging diplomatic connections?), Zelag(They are small and were a target, they have no military northwest of the Godly Stage friends with house Echor but have a lot of political clout), and Suran(Massecured the Marble Masons and stole their land and seat, Spidery? House Orin hates them a lot you know because of the whole massacre thing which is fair)? Mostly interested in geography and house values. (editing for rereading the information on the houses we do have)
1,000 Counts of 27.
1)About the mercenary economy, it's bugging me a bit. Since the world of Sigrogana hasn't exactly had any open warfare since the end of the Sigro-Oniga war, what people typically expect isn't really viable.

I'd imagine hunting monsters and body-guarding as options, but the former seems to be handled just fine by independent adventurers and the latter is usually exclusive to mercenary bands that have decent prestige. So how does your run of the mill merc band bring in the murai now a days?

2)I'd imagine mercenary bands that have trouble finding enough work might turn to banditry, how common is it though?

3)And then how do nations, particularly Chatarunga, handle a mercenary band under their nationality when they decide banditry is more lucrative then just disbanding.

4)On the relation between Karaten and Mechanations. Since the fact that feeling human seems to be a well known requirement for the longevity of a Mechanation, even if they are still functionally property built as tools with a goal in mind, how do they generally handle this conflict of interests?

5)And then, how stable is Kysei really? Chatrunga benefits from there being war and conflict, while Karaten only gets unrestricted access to the world as long as peace remains, how do they handle this conflict of interest?
Got some armor boy questions.

1) How much armor is a Dullahan made of? IE can the soul of a Dullahan only inhabit full plate armor? Could a Dullahan be made from half-plate style armor or chain mail?

2) If the armor is damaged can it be repaired? Does it supernaturally mend over time or do they need to find someone to fix them up?

3a) How does delimbing and similar heavy damage effect the Dullahan? Can they just put their limbs back on?

3b) If pieces of their armor are lost can they be replaced?

3c) By extension how much armor can be damaged or lost before they move on? Is it some kind of seal a la FMA that needs to be smashed before they finally die or an arbitrary amount of armor lost?

4) Can a Dullahan have their armor modified physically and enchanted? A previous question asked if Dullahan can move their souls between different sets of armor and the answer was no, but what if they were working still with their original armor and altering it?

5) In summary could we see an old veteran Dullahan with with nothing but a breastplate, pauldrons, and gauntlets wheeling around in a wagon and being a dangerously grumpy torso?
1. If you use Mercalan domain spells (I.E, Star Stream / Shine Ray / Graft / etc...) is it forced for your character to ICly have faith in Mercala?

2. If yes to the above, what does this mean regarding Luminary Element characters that don't build FAI and instead use their WIL stat for the light?
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