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Pawn Shop Sorting
Please, please, please, please add pawn shop sorting. It would make mine and many other peoples' lives much easier.
If you use the sort button in your inventory, that tab also gets sorted the same way your all tab does. Not the most helpful if you're trying to just sell equipment, but eventually you'll get to the point where the only things you'll want to sell are the only new items you have to sell to begin with.
You should probably elaborate on what you mean.
I believe they want a single button on Pawn Shop that organizes their inventory either in alphabetic order or 'weapons on top' and the 'rest of items after'.
[Image: ht_pudding_the_fox_04_mt_140821_16x9_384.jpg]
Apologies for the long silence on this then sudden necromancy, but when looking back at this, I realize that despite the very clear idea I had in my head for how it would work, I put none of that in writing here. I saw FaeLenx's post and I used that as a semi-helpful tip, then forgot to actually check back in here again as my immediate issue had been solved.

I still believe this would be useful though. What I had in mind for pawnshop sorting is essentially like the inventory system has: A system of tabs so that you can limit what you see to a certain type of items, ALA only equippable items so that you don't need to wade through a potential ocean of crafting materials to find the stuff you want to sell.
It would be nice if we had the same type of menu players have when they sell things in donation stalls. Ways to sort by accessory, armor, weapon, consumable, etc. That kind of interface for pawning and even buying from npc shops.

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