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[v2.27c] People Die When They Are Killed(?)
Quick simple one from me. The screenshot sums it up. I haven't noticed another bug report to this effect yet so I'm curious as to whether it might be a Phoenix issue rather than a revival issue.

As an aside, I had not been revived at any other point in the battle, so a cap on revival is out of the question here. The only effects I had active that were different to the 'norm' so to speak was Phoenix, the regenerative heal of which procs separately to the regular heal tick.

[Image: PHYc39S.png]
[Image: House_Banner_PNG.png]
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Please describe the bug.
Sal Volatile just didn't work to revive the Knight in the picture. Phoenix was used the turn before for healing. Perhaps it interfered with the revive in some way?
I can't help but notice a negative status in that screenshot, if you're infested with a parasite then the healing reduction would make Sal Volatile's 1HP heal reduced to 0, same thing happens to vampires.
[Image: ZwZQKR6.png]
I don't remember if he had parasites or not but that might be the case. Possible he also had an injury at the time too because he had taken a large amount of damage.

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