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A few suggestions I got (June Bucketlist)
Hi it's Coffee!

I got some more suggestions for SL2

The Case of the Shop Guys
So you may know them as Sign Guy, the Fashionable Man, the Darkwood Furniture Seller and the Sculptor.

Call me outrageous, but as of right now, they are the most useless NPCS in the game.

I'm not even going to sugar coat this. These four have absolutely near to no use in their products, mostly Signman and the Sculptor, as we can literally gain their products from alchemy for free by using wood and such there. Darkwood Furniture and Fashionable Man do have their uses yes, but the main problem is how old and outdated they are.

There are literal days, where they do not appear at all, and even if they do, they are completely bugged out, no matter how long you wait for the caravan to arrive. The only time they are fixed, is when a reset happens.

Here's my solution:
  • Cease the travelling caravans for these guys, and have them...

    All congregate in one permanent location. Perhaps a trading outpost that they have in the middle of the Badlands.


    Move the four into different locations, and let them have their own shop.

  • Have the four merchants sell things you cannot obtain in alchemy. So, maybe you could move all the Darkwood Stuff to alchemy, because honestly, I think it's super silly you can't craft the vertical table, but you can do it for horizontal one, and the fact prison doors are even considered Darkwood... Maybe have all four of them sell unique things that are specific to said region. So the Darkwood Furniture salesman, sells you items that are exclusive to the region of Voilegard, maybe even a Darkwood DISCr too, Fashionable Man can sell you unique Onigan Items like he does now, but a few more things from there, Sign Man sells you more unique signs that are not found in the Alchemy Crafting, and the Sculptor sells you unique Sculptures that are big. Remove all the Alchemy craftables from their stock.

Carpentry Skill
It's always bugged me how you can craft furniture from the Alchemy Skill. It really doesn't make any sense to me, as you can't just mash a pestal and motar together and create furniture. It's really silly, and I feel that it'd be proper if we had an actual skill that revolved around Carpentry. From there, you could craft furniture and such, but also, certain house parts as well?

Trading Card Game
I know this has surfaced A LOT, especially after that YGO game's shut down, but I really think Sigrogana should have it's own Trading Card Game. It'd be super fun, and can be super addicting as well. I feel that it would help encourage roleplay, and help create decks for players to be unique. Players could submit cards, and they can be checked by Event Staff, and GMS to get it's approval. Maybe a new booster pack can be released, but it should have atleast 1 or 2 GMs looking at it, maybe every single week, to see if it's alright to keep maintaining it, and to check interests. I could go into an entire thread of how the game could work, or go over it with some people on discord, and we might form a discord group based off it? Who knows. I want this to happen so bad!
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Interesting little idea, the problem will be the length of the development time. But we all know we're crazy for card games, so this will probably end up being the first and last late-game addition that people will stick to it forever. Yu-Gi-Oh stuff adds such a wide possibility.

If needed (and a sprite base is given), I could help working on the Monster Cards, adding things like Jammers and stuff.
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