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Lore tidbits in dungeons!
I've noticed as of lately that there's some really interesting lore for certain monsters, most of which is not immediately available unless you dig really hard outside of the game. Some other monsters lack any lore whatsoever; being "barebones", so to speak.

So! Here's a suggestion that could make exploring dungeons like Loyrwell Tombs, and statics, much more interesting for players. What if we could find small lore tidbits spread across the dungeon in the form of items (a note, remains, etc.)? Not something the player can take into their inventory - this is to avoid clutter - but rather something that gives them some insight on the lore of their current location, in the form of a message in their log, by examining the item. I think it'd be a really cool idea, especially for people like myself who would love to know more about dungeons and monsters, and appreciate the increased immersion. It could even throw the player hints about bosses, the lore related to them, yada yada.

Of course, this is just an idea! I invite other people to offer their own suggestions regarding the matter if they have any, or to further compliment my ideas, or what have you.
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At the very least, for monsters, maybe there could be something like a Bestiary item that you can frequently find in RPGs. I imagine the way a Bestiary would work in SL2 is that once you kill a non-custom mob, you get it added to it with a decent bit of their lore.

If it were to work with custom mobs, I'd think Event Staff could be able to set their monster's lore but I'm not thinking that far - mostly just the basic function.

As for dungeons I think there could be NPCs/interactive objects about that could give you more information, probably. Not necessarily just Quest NPCs.
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