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[All Boards] The King's Gambit
The King's Gambit
[Image: HdikQFZ.png]
The grand city of Chaturanga welcomes you!
The King's Gambit is a festival where we celebrate our great city.

A celebration of our strength and prosperity.
There will be many foods and drinks to partake in during festivities!
In the Drinking Hall we'll serve free alcohol that turn even our most stubborn knights into the jolliest of fellows!
There'll even be Drinking Competition to see who has the toughest guts!

Another one of the main attractions of the celebration will be the Joust where any and all are free to sign-up for!
An intense duel on horseback where one strike decides the victor as they gallop headfirst towards each other!

There are many other attractions as well for those to partake in that one must experience in person!

For those that can endure the long night, we will give you a grand show near the end!
Anyone is welcome to observe and partake in the celebrations!
(August#9544 on Discord is how you might contact me if you need further info or have any questions)
There's directions that lead to an section of the city on the bottom as well as the date of the celebrations.
(7/25/20 - 6:00 P.M EST)
[Image: KEXzAEE.png]
[Image: TvQhtZb.gif]
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The King's Gambit Post Event
The celebrations went off with no problem!

Chaturanga had a successful night of festivities and fun and the Black Knights were able to show off their military might.

The winners of the Joust were:

1st PlaceJason Womack
2nd Place - Amari Orello
3rd Place - Vasco Castelano

The winners of the Drinking Tournament were:

Tied Winners - Matcha & Sarah Ateli

Donations were received from:
50,000 murai from Elaine Vance from Stella Trading
200,000 murai from Walter Carmine
2,000,000 murai from the Larvyce Family

[Image: mHg1b8A.png]
[Image: FdCfL7Y.png]
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[Image: TvQhtZb.gif]

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