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Sunflower Hospital & Sunflower Lake
Sunflower Hospital & Sunflower Lake
[Image: f979e1c954d67de99af04e77995c287e.png]
Hiring medical professionals, security, and servants for the Sunflower Lake Lodge!
A new hospital created by Callie Marie, old staff who worked under her prior returning to assist, among many new faces.
Staff are given housing at the Sunflower Lake Lodge if they so choose and are always welcome! This includes food as well.
All donations to the hospital are evenly divided among the staff as thanks for everyone's work.
Interested individuals can contact Administrator Callie Marie by visiting the Sunflower Hospital in East Cellsvich. If she is not present, simply leave a message with the on duty staff with your own contact information, and you'll likely hear back soon!
OOC Note: (You can contact Mewni#5722 or Trex#3732 for inquiries. Anyone interested in joining either the Hospital/Lodge, or need assistance can also join our Discord server! We will do our best to get in contact ASAP.)
[Image: unknown.png]
- Sunflower Hospital (East of the Cellsvich Square, right outside the Eastern housing district.)
[Image: 08651c9fa2c3e3a94ce8ffb47eec58d4.png]
- Sunflower Lake (Located in the Eastern Cellsvich housing district, presently in the bottom row.)

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