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Gear Reforging
So, there's a system in Mabinogi that goes by the same name as the title of the thread, and I think a variation of such would do well in SL2. The idea I've come up with will serve as a way to make larger cores, and thus, higher difficulty dungeons more worthwhile and also add a much needed gold sink for the economy. Here it is.

The idea is that there'd be a list of effects capable of being attached to every slot of gear that you have. Stronger effects would be designated for more 'impactful' slots, like weapons and armor, with weaker effects for things such as accessories. Now, in order to attach such an effect to your equipment you would need a Core Fragment. Core Fragments would drop from the cores that you get at the end of BDPs, with the number of them capable of being retrieved from the core increasing with the size of it. (AKA, higher difficulty BDPs yield more core fragments)

Using the core fragment would require some amount of murai to serve as a gold sink, and then the fragment is consumed and an effect from the pool of possible ones is put on your piece of gear. Some things that could serve as effects could be something like... Death Knighting duration +1 on armor pieces, Falcon Strike SWA ratio +10% on weapons. Basically, things related to offensive abilities on weapons. Augment type things such as transformations, or perhaps enchants on torso pieces. Mobility related spells could go on feet. Utility spells like Menov's Fang for example could have effects rolled on accessory slots, and hand slots could deal with... something else.

Ultimately the goal of a system such as this is to give more value to doing dungeons, especially higher level ones. It serves as a means for existing characters capped at 60 and having gotten all they can get out of LEing to keep progressing in a meaningful but hopefully not overbearing. In Mabinogi, more powerful effects had a lower % chance of showing up, so that could be done for stronger abilities. Like the Falcon Strike example I mentioned earlier, that could have a lower chance of showing up versus, say, a Rectifier damage modifier.

This all is obviously not fully fleshed out, it'd take time to come up with a suitable pool of effects for every slot type, but I think it'd be a worthwhile change that would also give players something to keep striving for. I think the game introducing more ways to customize your build/character and make them stronger without upping the level cap would be a positive change, and this is a means of doing that.

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