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[Event] Necromancer: Cave Exploration
After the last encounter with this sinister foe, it's whereabouts and activity were yet unknown. But whispers of a cave system in which a foul smell has been brewing, and disappearances have been recorded, has set a location in the mountains often associated with the black beasts as a potential location for a base. The caverns themselves are deep, and a large force could be unwise there. Not enough space, and possibility for catastrophe.

Perhaps it's time for groups to begin exploring?

Part 2 to the saga of this Necromancer has been unlocked, and it consists of a series of micro-events, and one larger event. All are sign-up events (open to all but limited in numbers) to keep things managable in a smaller event space, but here's what's going on:

Groups of 4 (or less) can band together and explore in a micro-event. The amount you can explore is limited compared to the main event, but you'll be allowed to investigate and perhaps even encounter a foe. Consider this pre-event investigation, if you will, sizing up the location, etc.

A date will be announced for the main event, which will be up to 8-16 participants, depending on popularity. So 2-4 groups, really. No more than that. There'll be a mix between narrative focus and combat focus, so do expect some battling, but I've planned to ensure that you have plenty of time being able to investigate and explore, and see the sights of the location created for you all to visit. Take in the atmosphere, and such.

DM me on discord: Appo#5466 - if you're interested in the smaller exploration opportunities. I'll be leaving signing up for the big event until after those are over and done with, to give people an opportunity to go through these and decide if their characters want to be involved further.
[Image: Nihilus%2C_the_Abyssal_Flame.gif]
"Do not think you went unnoticed...
...The rubble you left behind. So careless, don't you think so?
I'll give it to you, however... you found a crack in my defenses.
Still, you fled. Feared the numbers.
And next time...? It will not be so simple."

The first group of curious explorers drawn to the dangers of this mysterious cavern delved into it's depths, revealing to themselves a location hidden within the winding caverns. A place of untold horrors. What they learned... have they kept it to themselves, or spread the information? That's up to them to decide... but their presence is one that did not go unseen. They struck back against the protectors of this place, and fled while they had the opportunity...
...what awaits the next group forward?
[Even though this is just a micro-event I'm going to get into a habit of writing up little bits of summary / acknowledgement of this stuff, and this is for the first group of people who took the plunge. And slowly... we're approaching the time for announcing the main event.]
[Image: Nihilus%2C_the_Abyssal_Flame.gif]

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