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Sigrogana Legend 2: Hardcore Mentors
Hardcore Mentors

Back at it again with another forum post

Alright, let my start by saying I appreciate all the feedback and criticism (good and bad) on this little project. As it's common knowledge at this point, a few of us are holding a Hardcore rule set to spruce up your gameplay and roleplay experience. If this is new to you? I'll be explaining the rest at the end as concise and comprehensible as possible. The key reason i'm making this post is to search for potential Mentors for our precious permadeath people. What does a mentor do? Well let's get down to the specifics.

Mentors and you - A mentor's purpose is to teach their wonderful pupils how to step up their combat to the next level. As in the rule set, everyone starts in their base class and must remain there until they meet certain requirements in roleplay knowledge and possible combative experience. It is all according to the way the teacher decides to go about things. It is near entirely free form.

As some of you may know, mentor roleplay is a unique experience that doesn't get touched upon as much as it should. It gives the dusty old experienced veterans out of the closet for something to do as well as developing a character with the purpose of climbing from the depths to gain experience and knowledge for that GUD GUD character dev. Win - Win right?

Simple enough right? As you may know, there may be a few concerns which have been voiced and considered. Such as:

"This is just adding to the disconnect between those following the Hardcore rules and your standard player."
Quite the opposite my good man, we are reaching out to form bonds with the established characters existing within the world.

"This is probably going to be added as a Hardcore only mentorship." It all depends on the player running the character. I am simply reaching out in an attempt to bring this to light. If you wish to have one of your characters receive training I am more than happy to help you make that connection. And of course, this will be no easy task. Mentors can be placed in vague locations that will have to be asked in character where they would reside.

"My character only roleplays so I can't take part in this." We have thought of this most definitely. From the wonderful suggestion of Jupiter Storm as well as the community itself backing this we have Personal Assistants: Characters that assist in leading the helpless beans into the path of the Mentor's choosing. If your character has some excellent life skills you would have fun teaching to other characters this could be the position for you.

I feel like I touched base on everything that comes to mind, as for what I brought up at the beginning i'll be explaining the gist of HARDCORE:
Hardcore SL2 is a ruleset designed to push roleplay to it's maximum. Everything you do is encouraged to have roleplay behind it. While also bumping up the difficulty and adding a permadeath element to the platform. Limited to base classes until they gain the knowledge to use techniques from their advancements. They do not accept handouts unless within reason. No powerleveling. To receive more information on the rules you can refer to the discord or the previous forum post on the topic.

Contact the Project Heads at -
Fallen Raven#4285

Discord link:


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