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[Complete(?)] Tannis Remap (9th Sept, 2020)
Tannis is a pretty old map in need of some real love to make it much better looking and give it much more appeal to people as a spot to visit, so I'm super interested in taking the opportunity to make an attempt at the map and create something that the community will enjoy visiting.

Now, I know other people are probably making attempts at such a project due to it being one of the more requested update maps - but I have yet to see one active and posted here, so I figure I'd be the first to get my foot through the door. Of course, I'm not opposed to the idea of someone taking over if their map ends up being grander, and such.

With that in mind, though, would it be okay to make an attempt at a remap of Tannis?

[As a note, I'm also looking to see from the community in general what you envision for a greater Tannis, so what takes shape can be created with feedback. Such as what kind of notable spots you'd like to see, how you'd expect it to look, etc.]
As a sort of idea of what it'll look like for those wondering, I made a prototype version, subject to adjustments and such. No, this isn't complete, though it might look like such in some ways, I guess. This is as far as I'll be working on it without feedback or the proper go ahead, to avoid getting too ahead of myself... but I think this sells the scope I had pretty well. Interested in people's thoughts, of course.

Please note that this does not contain the inn. That'll get put in there eventually, but I'll need to figure out what to do with it first. Ideas on that front would be appreciated, cause I'll be honest I have no idea what people envision an inn in tannis to really look like.

[Image: Nihilus%2C_the_Abyssal_Flame.gif]
Okay, so...
Progress Report!

I have managed to get the Tannis Remap that I've been working on to a state of what is either completion, or near completion. So, what does New Tannis have?

Well, a list of the things that it has now are:

- A more expansive scope that makes it seem a little bit more elevated than it usually was. Of course, this makes it look like it's situated in the mountains, and it's up to you whether you like that change or not- though personally, I think it gave me the opportunity to give this map a whole lot more identity.

- More meeting spaces for players to gather together. There's now a waterpit, a firepit, a few benches here and there - the map has been designed now to provide the players with what Tannis had a great lack of before - designated meeting spots. One of such is...

- A new, improved, inn! No longer is this place just a box with some beds and a table. It's now an advanced box with some beds and a table. It's now more of a tavern / inn combination, for the archers of Tannis to get merry after fending off beast attacks - though you're totally welcome to sit back and have a drink while just passing by, too. Beds have been upgraded so you can take a nice, comfy rest on something proper, rather than just a straw / hay bed.

- More player houses. There are now a number more player houses for people to snatch up compared to what Tannis normally had - which means it's free* real estate! (* Note that real estate may not actually be free, still requires a house ticket, a free slot, and the costs of furniture. Godspeed house builders, I salute you.)

- A water feature. Okay, this is entirely because I wanted to, there was no demand or request for it, I just felt it would look nice. Cannot confirm nor deny whether the water works, because I don't know. Hopefully if it's not too much to ask, if the water doesn't work, Dev could probably fix it. We'll see, though!

- More places to practice archery. A minor thing, but it fits the identity of the town to have more archery boards. So there are more archery boards. You're... welcome?

[Image: UpperTannis.PNG]

[Image: LowerTannis.PNG]

[Image: InnTanniw.PNG]

I hope you all enjoy the map I've created! And I hope Dev enjoys it enough to be willing to implement it, but we'll see! Thank you to all the people who helped me out, whether it by giving me tips or pointers, offering suggestions and requests, or anything else. And thank you to everyone constantly saying that Tannis was in need of a remap - you gave me the motivation to map this.

To Dev:
One request I was given for this new map if you implement it is a town map! With the new layout, people would like to have the opportunity to perhaps warp to the mage guild, to the entrance to the city, or maybe just to the top of it. Either way, it would be very much appreciated if this was provided for QoL with the new map. Thank you all the same!

.zip (Size: 8.7 KB / Downloads: 7)
[Image: Nihilus%2C_the_Abyssal_Flame.gif]
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