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Black Falcon (Finished)
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Black Falcon is known as a massive terrorist organization led by a Shaitan called Arael Schlager. Arael has been in the imperial wanted board for a very long time, thanks to the countless terrorist attacks and the previous wreckage of the Cellsvich capital, which led to its rebuilding - the town you see standing today.
Most people that join Black Falcon have different reasons, but most of them possess a vendetta against the empire. Their leader holds an ardent sense of vengeance towards the emperor, Elias S. Erachial.
The Black Falcon tends to be organized with its members, holding a hierarchy that most of its troops follow:
-LEADER, currently known as the Shaitan Arael Schlager. He holds most of the authority over the organization and he is said to be completely insane. Despite that, he somehow manages to lead an entire group and people have taken a liking to his ideals.
-RAVEN WING, the leading units of the organization that are below Arael's power. The amount of Raven Wings are merely double digit in an army that has thousands of followers.
-SPECIAL CLASS, a promoted version of the basic Falcon soldier. They are often dispatched to assist generic troops in skirmishes by commanding them.
-FEATHER, the ordinary soldier of the Black Falcon. They tend to dress in black and wear a white skull mask in order to conceal their identity while they're at work.

They have their grip on a "trump card" known as Mother, a horrifying insect-like beast said to instill dread upon her enemies. She is rumored to be the source of Dusks, labelled Grief Parasites by the average individual, bugs capable of taking a host and amplifying its negative emotions then generating focus from it. In most cases, they are said to drive their victims insane, and eventually to their death if kept on too long. The bugs tend to look like black clouds when together, making a noise akin to static. Symptoms include but are likely not limited to:

-Intense negative thoughts, the most common effect of the Dusks. Hosts are said to feel swarmed by their deepest insecurities, and later on driven mad by them.
-Black blood, supposedly an effect of the darkness that's often found within the so-called 'grief parasites' when they get their grip on a host for too long.
-Increase in focus, as they not only generate focus for themselves, but they also grant their host some more power in order to defend themselves from attackers.

The usage of Dusks is considered extremely illegal by the empire. In spite of that fact, there's been word that some have attempted to establish a Dusk Market for their own benefits, experimenting with and selling them for high monetary gain. Mutations have been found on occasion, causing the parasites to have different colors and sometimes other effects varying from the standard negativity. Dusks are confirmed to be able to reproduce with each other.
The ordinary and most common version of Dusks is a black color, and is extremely susceptible to the usage of Mercana, Light and Fire magic. Water also tends to heavily slow down their movement, but mutations occasionally gain different strengths at the cost of having other weaknesses, as well. For example, some mutations go as far as to be fire resistant...
The rebellion of the Black Falcon has caused several skirmishes across the land of Sigrogana to occur, and to this day the 'war' is on something similar to a stalemate. Yet, one may get the feeling that the conflict is slowly reaching its climax...
Will you save Sigrogana from destruction, or will you attempt to wipe it off the face of the planet? Will you stay away from the bloodshed? Will you do what you feel right...?
Is this all truly what it seems like?
Forming conclusions, taking decisions and claiming what is right or wrong is in your hands.

Q: So what's this, in actuality?
A: Black Falcon is an event line that I've had on-going for a fairly long time now. Since Event Staff is a thing now, most of the things I wanted to do are far, far easier to carry out. And I have been wanting to wrap it up.
Q: What do you mean 'wrap up'?
A: There will be 4 major public events to wrap up the entirety of Black Falcon. Once that's over with, I'll say it's done for good and then stop doing things with it.
Q: How will the character depth of the Black Falcon characters be handled?
A: Their most relevant figures won't show just in the major events. The Raven Wings players can have much smaller events in-between them so people can get to experience more about their characters, and flesh out the story better.
Q: Who can participate?
A: Anyone. This is meant to give people a fun ride and a decent story to entertain themselves with, as well as possibly gain character development of their own.
Q: How do I get involved? The people that are involved with it aren't players I talk with frequently.
A: You can direct message me in Discord at Fern#5298 and I'll help you out in that regard. It doesn't really matter who you are, but remember to be civil!
Q: What kind of themes should I expect from getting involved with the Black Falcon?
A: War, tragedy, battle, investigation, political, terrorists, and sometimes dark themes.
Q: What should I expect regarding the combat?
A: You have no idea how grateful I am to Event Staff being a thing. Thanks to them, this is much easier to handle in a mechanical aspect. You can normally expect PVE encounters against custom mobs, either as standard enemies or boss fights. Some of the boss fights may be player characters related to Falcon empowered via Event Tools, as well, so there is also PVP. But thankfully not the "I die to doomsquad" version of PVP.
Q: I'm not too confident in my character's mechanical ability. Can I still participate?
A: Of course. Not everything is combat and we have a difficulty system for the events that do have it. These are the difficulty options:
If you want, you can go for the easy life or a big challenge. Parties are expected to be made in events and the party leader decides what difficulty their team will go through (they are of course expected to communicate with the people they're playing with.) That said, if you regret choosing a specific difficulty, you can also drop it mid-event at request. However, you can't increase it, because the difficulties can affect the rewards you might get at the end of the event! Also, if you pick HARD, expect hard fights!
Q: Can I get an absurd amount of rewards?
A: Devourer Of Souls (the game developer) has set a hard cap on the rewards that can be handed out by the Event Staff, and we will be following that. Exceptions may be made by consulting a GM during event planning, on occasion, but it would likely be saved for the really important or special things. That is to say... don't expect to be too spoiled! Also, I would most likely be the one consulting a GM for bigger rewards if there is a fitting situation.
Q: What is the gist of the event structure for the big public events?
A: Various people with event tools will be helping me manage several areas of the large events. There will frequently be times where people will have to split and head different directions to deal with different objectives, before the event moves to its next phase. You can expect a lot of people, but with the spreading, it should be a lesser amount in one specific spot at the time. That should make it easier to keep track of what's happening. There will be forum posts before each large event.
Q: What is the gist of the event structure for the smaller events?
A: They will be both be advertised in the forums and open sign-ups for players to partake in, and characters being gathered ICly to help with a specific event. There may be other methods of involving people, sometimes, but these are the main two. However, since they are smaller, there is a limit of 8 players per small event. If you didn't get to participate in one, don't worry - there will be a bunch of them. Sometimes the limit might be different, depending on the context.
Q: Is there risk of character injury or death?
A: Sometimes. You will be warned beforehand, but normally character death risks won't be a thing - it would be saved for the very important things. And it's not like I like killing characters on a whim anyway.
Q: I want to have my character die in an event that doesn't have a death risks clause on it. What do I do?
A: I have been asked this before. If you find something that makes sense for it, go ahead. Just keep in mind that I, or rather we wouldn't force it upon you.
Q: I would like to do something with Dusks. Who do I approach?
A: You have to direct message me in Discord at Fern#5298 so I can look over what you're planning and approve it. If you are planning to do something with a Dusk Mutation, I will still have to look it over but odds are that it will be run through a GM as well. Keep in mind that the mutations aren't allowed to do anything lore breaking (I.E, you can't suddenly just say that Dusks removed your Oracle Corruption or Vampirism, or that they suddenly turned you into a Vampire or a God. Or a Dragon. Use common sense and what fits in the lore! The general rule of thumb is that if it's doable through other means, it likely can be done with Dusks, but this doesn't apply to everything!)
Q: Can I use Dusks without your approval?
A: Please do not, because that could get you in trouble with a GM, specially if you just decided to say you got them out of nowhere! I don't mind who you are, if it makes sense and doesn't break lore then you will usually get my approval!
Q: Is there an easy way to keep track of Black Falcon happenings?
A: There will be forum posts regarding the aftermaths of big and small events as well.
Q: My question isn't listed here. How do I get it answered?
A: You can direct message me in Discord at Fern#5298.
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