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Floor/wall tiles I made/updated/was inspired by
Hello, hello

I got sort of inspired after seeing the "paint and mold" discer that I... improved it? Made my own? Made my own. With some floor options as well.

Wasn't sure if a .png or a .dmi was needed so I attached both.

Sorry, thank you. I love doing pixel art, so I really hope these are nice looking. Thank you for your time.


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.zip (Size: 3.36 KB / Downloads: 17)
I need these mats. Give them to me.

Jokes aside, these are good. I'm particularly fond of the clean, brown, wooden flooring.
I read on another thread that the states shouldn't be named? So I'm re-submitting that one without names, and then I'm adding another .dmi -- waterfalls, and some... fish in the water.

Also for furniture, I have Lily pads - 2 types.

Looking for feedback as well, if there's anything that needs improving on. The fish are slow because from what I could tell, everything is 4 frames ;A;

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.zip (Size: 4.72 KB / Downloads: 16)
.zip (Size: 3.36 KB / Downloads: 14)
Thank you for the submission!

Naming states is fine. You should probably make the animated tiles into an actual animation, though - I'm not sure if it's based on an existing house tile's delay or not, so I'm holding off adding that one for now. I will be adding the first submission this update, however.

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