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I have too many Marks [Roles]
Alright, hello all.

Today I'll be talking about the Roles system, and specifically a problem I've experienced in my now several OOC month tenure as the head of the Cellsvich Clinic.

Firstly, currently I have a Treasury of 26,743 Marks at the time of this post. This could be much higher if I utilised the Monetary Aid event in an optimal manner. The reason this has occurred is predominantly because the current events offered to Medical Heads are limited and do not incentivise their use.

Head Medics are not given a reason to use Emergency Notice given they often fulfill quotas by themselves or rely on the community as a whole who are using clinics as a way to get XP, or use external 3rd party messaging software (ie: Discord) to communicate with their other staff.

Over Staff was utilised, back when the feature was bugged and allowed for the easy fulfillment of quotas with a few button presses. Now that this has been patched, its general use has dropped. In my personal experiences I have never used or had a need for it. I've spoken with four other Head medic players regarding this particular event and a majority indicated that they only use Over Staff out of laziness. this is the only major sink for Marks and people admit that Over staff is inefficient compared to just doing the clinic patients by hand. (From the people I talked to, their mark balances were around 15000, 11000, 2000 and 5500.)

This leaves the Monetary Aid, which adds to the mark balance rather than subtracts, and Blood Drive. Blood Drive is the only other useful event for Head Medics, though this can also be ignored if you rely on doing patients by hand rather than Emergency blood patients.

Now, while I've pessimistically bemoaned the current state of affairs, I think this can open the door for some more Role Events for Head Medic beyond that which we have. My personal belief is that this problem can be solved by:
1: Adding more incentives to the current events.
2: Adding new events that provide interesting new dynamics and use for Marks.

Or a combination of the two. I'm personally preferenced to the latter though I can see the merits in the former.
In terms of 1, this could be simply done by tweaking the numbers of the events such as making Over staff more efficient, having Blood Drive have a secondary effect of contributing to quota or lasting longer or some other idea.
In terms of 2, there are a lot more options. Most interestingly there could be a 'turn-in' feature added to the events where you offer a set amount of Marks in return for raw materials like ores or pure water. I'm incentivised to this given it would help the economy by allowing there to be a different way for people to get access to metals like ether or rockdirt which can be painful to gather.

Please add more reasons to spend Marks for Head Medics.

I cant speak for the Water Sourcers, so I'm welcome for any of them to post in this chat to talk about their personal experience with their Mark balances, and I'd also like to thank the other Medical heads I talked to with regards to making this post and welcome any contributions they want to make to the conversation.
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I too will bring this up again to mention that maybe having community interactive events that Head Medics and Water Sourcers can initiate would be great. Like, say, a Black Beast Raid but instead you'd be treating patients and the total number of patients treated give everyone more exp/more rewards.
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