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Lore Answers: September 2020
This is a compiled list of lore questions asked and answered in the Discord channel for the month of September. Thank you all for your questions and for helping me slowly fill in the details.

Quote:Can Omina turn off their 'Luck Vaccum', or do they simply continue to suck luck at a constant rate?

To a degree, although it is an intristic quality that is taking effect regardless of the Omina's will.

Quote:What exactly are the economic systems of the various regions of the world of Sigrogana. By economic systems I mean things like, Feudalism, Capitalism, Communism, Distributism, feel free to even dig into comparisons with some ancient civilizations and their economic systems if you had them in mind as a model although I would like to ask for a few specifics regarding that if that is the case.

I'm not particularly well versed on all the forms of economic systems there are, but generally for Sigrogana, Gold, and Alstalsia, feudalism is what goes. Lordwain and Egwyn could probably be viewed as communistic.

Quote:Can element's if I suppose scaled high enough or concentrated enough evolve in form? For example Fire heating up to something like plasma.

I don't think this is likely.

Quote:How obviously divine is the Voice? When channeling Mercala, is there some display of radiance so overt that it could not possibly be replicated by a mortal spellcaster? Or do people typically have to take the church's word for it that she is Mercala at all?

Gods in general have a certain presence to them that is very unlike anything else. The radiant part would be the halo that the Voice gains when channelling Mercala. A spellcaster could probably replicate a similar looking effect, but it wouldn't carry the same weight.

Quote:Always been curious but.. Since a Phenex can revive from ‘death’ in combat, does that theoretically mean in a fight with someone else where they get ‘killed’ could they bring themselves back due/thanks to their revival ability :o? Or is that strictly mechanical and icly they’d still get killed.

More then that, what exactly are the affects of mechanical abilities into IC? Like Omnia’s and their luck drain, etc? Is it all merely mechanical or are there actual ic implications to all these abilities that can be rp’d out?

From the Lore Compendium: (Can they revive from actual death via From The Ashes?) From actual death? Tough one. Maybe, but it depends on what killed them. If you lost your head, then there's no coming back. Squashed into a pancake? Yeah, not happening. Otherwise, yeah, you could probably be revived. Of course, it's rather immediate after your 'death', so your attacker will still be near you, and so on. Also, it isn't guaranteed, so don't try and use this as a parlor trick.

You are free to RP them out if you wish.

Quote:I am curious what was House Hetter's Sigil and did they have their own relic, if so where did it end up?

House Hetter's sigil would have been a pair of horn-like white pillars. Their heirloom was, like many of the artisan houses, not really a 'relic' and more a piece of art. In this case, a person-sized marble statue of Zera, with the little burnt remnants of his cloak around its shoulders. Not quite as large as the real thing, but of magnificient detail with the high quality marble they were known for. House Suran has since restored the cloak to resemble the real thing, but kept the statue for themselves, along with everything else.

Quote:With the profound use of magic and otherwise portable black holes that increase storage ect, jammer genes that mutate things, fallenharn ect that all have transformative properties from seemingly nothing, is it possible, or rather has karaten developed a way, to more or wear portable armors of a sort, say like wrist bands or neck bands with guards ect that when activated can otherwise become an overlaying armor of sorts, like you press the button or infuse the arcane or what have you and say the arm guard extends its plates to form a gauntlet, but to a wider scale- given the existance of metal magic gauntlet it appears like technology and alchemy work together in a rather transformative way so, I was hoping to discover more about such possibility.

No such technology exists, no.

Quote:A question about apertaurus physiology:

Do apertaurus furry legs start:
A - At their waist?
B - Below the waist but above the knees (implying that they don't have humanoid knees and just bovine legs for the rest)?
C - Below the knees with everything above roughly humanoid?

Somewhere between B and C depending on the Apertaurus.

Quote:Question regarding 'Blue' magic;

We can see that mechanically spells such as Graft/Sanctuary are able to be 'stolen' the same as any other magic, but are there any further implications to this? Basically, does a stolen Mercalan spell work as one would expect?

Somewhat, though stolen spells don't function as they do forever. They gradually fade as they are used. Also, the Church won't like it, so it puts a target on your back.

Quote:If the crucifix is the symbol of the blade of Vajistra, then what does an inverted one symbolize?

Well, it's inverted when you hold it in your hand, so probably nothing.

Quote:Is there a lore reason for why Acid and Sound aren't resisted by high levels of Sanctity, when other elements are?

Not really.

Quote:Are there any forms of hair coloring?

There are hair dyes, yes.

Quote:Would it be possible to inscribe runes onto materials in order to create a 'magic tool'? Like a box that keeps things cold, a light, or something that turns on like a match so that someone can make tools for another person that they don't necessarily need to have a deep understanding of magic to use.

Runes are not self sufficient - they have a certain store of focus that they draw upon. You wouldn't be able to use them and they aren't really suited for things like matches or long term cold storage. These types of enchantments do exist (in the case of the first two), but they aren't rune based.

Quote:I remember there being a mention in the past that youkai can move roughly the length of a football field away from their summoner, and they can't move much further due to not having a way to receive focus from their summoner at that point, at least if I'm not mistaken. If there were some way to provide additional focus to the youkai (giving items that grant focus to hold on to, or giving them the status effect from Mystic Grow Appendage so that Wild Mana Crystals appear near them, probably alongside an enchant spell to let them move faster), would they be able to move past that limit? Or are there additional reasons that would prevent such?

Generally no. While the focus constraints are one issue, the other is that Youkai in general can't maintain their form when they're too far away from their summoner and are 'chained' to them.

Quote:Do elves and/or wild elves have their own language?

Elves do, which would be elven. Wild elves generally speak common as is the normal on Egwyn. Note that Elves are aware of and can know common, even on Mersales.

Quote:If a lich were to take the talent that makes it so NPCs can’t tell what race they are, could a lich walk freely in Karaten

As long as they were disguised as the trait describes. Still, they would have to be careful due to their abnormal arcane presence.

Quote:Hi !

The wiki said the story questline is unrelated to the current timeline of Sigrogana

But does the story happens after or before the current timeline ?

It happens concurrently to the timeline.

Quote:Ahem, as an edit of my previous question: if you can answer, what would you say are some of the common experiences you can have in Mersales?

I'm not sure what you mean by 'experiences', so I can't really provide a useful answer, sorry.

Quote:Am I allowed to make a Shaitan with non-functional wings? Since they just forget their memory, this implies that a few races can go in and become Shaitan right?

Only humans can become Corrupted.

Quote:Is it okay if I said my naga is hindi-like because she is from the southern tip of oniga? Are there alt-asian cultures available in Oniga for that matter? If so to what extent?

Answered by Slydria:
Just to make this clear, everywhere in the real world isn't going to necessarily have a parallel in SL2, nor does every place in SL2 have a parallel in reality.

I cannot give you an answer on what does and doesn't have an equivalent.

As for if your Naga can have inspiration from Hindu culture, sure, just make sure it's inspired and not basically identical.

While I don't imagine the culture having roots on the continent of Gold, it's really not a big deal since you can simply say that your character's family originates from elsewhere.

Quote:As a sense of scale, how many Earths can fit in this world, or how many of this world can fit on Earth?

The Great Six probably covers a much smaller region of 'Earth' than you'd expect, so it's not really something I can give a relevant answer to, I feel.

Quote:What types of demons exist and what can each do? How much common or uncommon are they? How do they affect the world?

The existence of demons is only something that is speculated - there is no conclusive proof that they exist.

Quote:So a lot of the cities have a style that can be compared to IRL human cultures. What kind of IRL culture would best describe the names, fashion and architecture of Reapers/Apertaurus? Do they even live together? What does Darkside look like, aside from being a city in a wall?

Edit: Sorry about the multi-question question. There's just not enough information regarding Lazarus in general even though we have races originating from there and I'd like to be as loyal as I can to the lore with my own character.

There's really no real life comparison I can think of. Name wise, I would say something like Celtic. Their fashion is generally things in black and mourning garb. Their city is more like a rather depressing mausoleum, honestly, with dim blue lights.

Quote:Is polygamy legal in the Empire, and by extension, what do the other political powers think of polygamy?

Walrus answered:
Yes, but it's definitely not viewed on good terms by most. Egwyn tribes are probably less inclined to care, but the Church definitely views it in ill light.

Dev answered:
Generally true, but especially because polygamy leads to political strife when nobles do it.
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