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Small camping bugs [v.2.33c]
Will crosspost the "camping suggestions" with this one as well. Lets make camps a great tool for public roleplaying! Any more added under this post, I'll add it to the thread.

Minor Bugs

  • Camp Pots trait do not work when crafting on a campfire after the new crafting overhaul update. (Tested on normal campfire)
  • Some camp furniture cannot be moved or returned to inventory. This mostly involves the +2 tile furniture.
  • Most furniture aren't interactable. (probably due to their instancing instead of being the direct inventory object.) This involves furniture like chairs which cannot rotate, but potentially crafting furniture.

Major Bugs

Camp Check Bug (Unconfirmed)
This seems to have happened once or twice, but when creating camps in quick succession, the check to see if they exist on the map might get stuck, and won't let you create another one, potentially until reboot.
I think crafting furniture never worked in camps. The no pot this is serious business tho, its the only reason one would use a fire to cook

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