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Matador Stance Know More Pain

Currently if you use Matador stance with Know No Pain you take MORE damage than if you don't have it up. In my opinion, old Matador stance didn't even need to be nerfed, but for it to actually make you take more damage with it active is ridiculous. If it can't be reverted, at the very least just remove the bit about it stripping your armor and replacing it with some weird pseudo-armor. Just have it give or take no armor at all. Still, I think the better course of action would be returning Matador to how it worked before the nerf, as it's meant to be a tanking stance. Cobra stance aids evasion builds with snake dancer, I see no reason why Matador stance shouldn't give tanks a small armor buff like it did before.
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Refer to this thread for more information:

I am mostly of the opinion that I should not be taking more damage in matador stance with know no pain than without, given that Know No Pain is supposed to simulate having 20 armor it only makes sense for tanks to have, but it sort of punishes you for being tanky.
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Isn't that supposed to be a bug?
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I think it's working as dev intended but should be changed.
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This is just awful.

I'd rather Know No Pain to be reverted like holy shit why is it like this. That's a defensive passive, for god's sake. We had no problems with it making so you can block multi-hitting skills, it gave Matador Stance an identity of 'completely stops multihitting cheese'. It was unique. I think the only problem with it was it stopping gun attacks or stacking with Heavy Armor but that's pretty much it.

My suggestion on this case's just simple. Make it reduce all Physical Damage, but the effectiveness is reduced based on your Armor type. Like Evasion.

Unarmored = 20 (100%)
Light Armor = 15 (75%)
Heavy Armor = 10 (50%)
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