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(Writers Read Me Please) What do you want from Roleplay?
So I've been playing SL2 for a few years (2 I think) and it's had its ups and downs really. at least for me.

1. Writing Styles -  I take what I can get based on the Situation or the opportunities presented. Nothing else to say on this part. A lot of my characters take the role of some of my IRL dominant traits which make it pretty easy to determine their writing style for the most part.

2. Genres - Aye man, surprise me. I do love a good horror though. Romance is all fine and dandy from IC experience on a few characters but it can become a little boring or you can be often left without a clue of what your in romantic relationship characters are doing if nothing is going on.

3. Development - As someone who doesn't really do well in large groups of people due to OOC stress. If it weren't for certain people, that I will not name for personal reason, I wouldn't really be trying to break such comfort zones. Do I prefer to develop on my own or with a group? Depends on the character but hell if people wanna influence their actions? Sure why not. I ain't against that type of thing. As for making a name for themselves, at this point that kinda feels more like a chore than something I would actively do. There are very few Exceptions amongst my characters that try to make a name for themselves and that's because that's how their IC is. Again events are a tricky thing for me to handle give the OOC stress, only recently has that changed purely due to how things are with certain characters.

Development as a whole as far as I'm concerned is at the point of if you wanna develop X person, you're gonna have to put the work in. One or another the work put in is something to be proud of.

4. What do you want to be known for? -  Big Grin At this point? I'm more or less Known for one of two things. Too Many Alts or that one time at the Arena where a character of mine was Overloaded killing a child said character was carrying (Yes I still remember it and it Haunts me every time it's brought up) and this was in my early years of SL2. I don't really want to be known for these types of things and would much prefer it to be for nothing at all. I'm not the type of guy to enjoy being known for the things I do in-game or out of the game but Hey man If I had to say anything if nothing wasn't a choice? I'd have to say the things my characters do that helps others develop really.
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Oh hey, it's finally a Revy post. For the first time EVER.

What I WANT from RP is meaningful interactions and to feel actually welcome in scenes. To feel like my characters don't just make up the numbers - in groups or in RP that I actually get on to get into, Slice of Life or otherwise. Genres? Don't mind anything. I love my horror, I love my creepiness, I love mysteries, I love LOVE. I love conflict (when it's not OOC driven, ie, "I don't like this person, let's go in on them"), and so on-- List goes on. You wanna do it? I will usually wanna do it. So long as it doesn't require an overthetop PvP build/A BUILD AT ALL to be/stay relevant in things.

When I log on, I want to be absolutely sure I'll actually get some RP out of the time spent, which used to be probably to my own detriment a lot before since it led to not bothering to come on because it "felt" like it was a waste of time and effort, and likely led to me being left out of a lot in the past. Similar to what Jupi said in his opinions, I too feel really easily demotivated when my concepts flop or my characters end up not really going anywhere, or posts themselves end up just going unacknowledged. Thissss... has led to making far too MANY concepts/characters that I THINK are interesting, but then end up not really having the love put in that they need... That, or they never really end up growing attached to anything that can help them grow and then end up kinda discarded.

As for style? I try to just write as much as I feel like I can, even if I get nervous that people'll dislike longer posts because of something I was told long ago, and often, I don't care what I get back so long as it's not just a single word response like "OK." "Cool." etc, or so long as the RP doesn't go completely unnoticed and those who were RP'd at just go and leave without a response. That kind of thing is a huge mood killer...

What I'd LIKE to be known for is for being someone who can help others with whatever they need from time to time in a non-mechanical sense. And someone who makes people laugh! Comedic characters're great, and having people enjoy them with you is the best.

I hope this doesn't sound like complaints or anything like that, just been working on my two cents on things for a while while trying to move...
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