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[v.2.34c] Warpaint Prayer tools not working if not in tool belt
Warpaint Prayer tools that aren't placed in the toolbelt do not finish the praying nor is there any indication of it showing (I.E the 3 ... above the character). In the screenshot below you can see the Prayer tool being used and displaying the whole [ALIAS] begins to pray but after that, it does nothing, as in it doesn't finish what so ever. This seems to be the case with all the Warpaint Prayer tools. It does not give the prayer tools things as it would.

They work fine if equipped in the toolbelt and all the other prayer tools work just fine if used straight from a characters inventory. Players can still move after using it from the inventory as if they never used it.

[Image: Screenshot_4.png]
[Image: Empress_of_Light.gif]
I can't replicate this.
To provide more clarity, using a prayer tool then closing the inventory before the praying is done cancels the praying. Closing the inventory or other menus seems to interrupt black beast scar fixing, also.
Any interaction task, Prayer, fishing, cleaning ect follows this- regarding above comment.
[Image: FI29.jpg]
This should be corrected.

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