Poll: When should this Yule festival be held?
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First Week
3 13.04%
Second Week
9 39.13%
Third Week
5 21.74%
Fourth Week
3 13.04%
Sometime in January
3 13.04%
Total 23 vote(s) 100%
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(Lordwain) Poll for Yuletide event date!
Given the nature of December and the fact that both Christmas and New years falls within the same month, I feel like the best way for me to figure out when to do this yuletide event would be to just ask!

I myself will really only be available to do things on the weekend of each week in December, but any of the four weekends would work so long as there is a general consensus as to when it should be done.

Alternatively, if the community as a whole isn't perturbed by it, I could do the yuletide event in January some time, to avoid the scramble to make family and friend obligations across the month.

The main attractions for the yule festival right now will be

A prefacing sermon from High Priestess of Mercala, Mavis Haemin to get everything started off

Celebrating heritage by having a Figure Skating competition, for those who have dedicated their lives to the Verglas arts to show their skill and prowess on the ice they find comfort from

A variety of stalls and games to play for those who just wish to enjoy a simple time with friends and loved ones.

Thank you for your time and if you've any additional comments to add, please feel free!
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Tis the season...
-Yuletide Festival-

A flyer is spread all across the various Great Six marking the date and time for the Lordwain Yuletide Festival!

Come one come all to the Yuletide Festival, set to be held in Lispool this year. We will have a foreword from our very own High Priestess Mavis Haemin on the glory of Our Lady's light to bless the night before festivities begin!

From all across Lordwain, masters of the Verglas art have come together to host an Ice skating competition! Come as a solo act, or bring a partner to test your teamwork!
Come and amaze the crowds with the arts passed down through decades of Hyoyan heritage!

Before, and after the competition, the ice will be free for both Verglas and non-Verglas practicing individuals to spend some time on the ice with friends and loved ones!
For both veterans of the art and newcomers alike, it's a seasonal skill sure to bring some amusement to your life!

A local restaurant has volunteered to offer up the space for a yuletide feast as well, which will be free for all who show up to the Festival!

We still have space for any businesses or performers who wish to have a stall at the Festival!


The Festival will be held on 12/12/20 at 5 PM EST, open to any and all who wish to stop by!

Mavis's opening sermon will begin at 5:30 PM EST

The Ice skating competition will begin at 7:00 PM EST

After that it will be free roam for anyone to stick around and enjoy the festivities up until they are ready to leave.
Snow ball fights, snowman building competitions and a variety of other festive, holiday themed games are planned!

OOC Signups:

Ice skating Judges for the competition! I will have three on the board.

Ice Skating Competition will require a signup! You can either sign up as a solo entrant, or as a duo.

The rules are simple, you'll be given three posts (If duo sign up, both people will get 3 posts) to write up a flair ice skating routine. A group of judges will then give you a score from 1-10, whoever has the highest score by the end of the night will win.

For the sake of efficiency, please have your posts pre-written before it is time for the event.
This would be a good time to practice ICly over the course of the week with your partner, if you are doing a duo signup. 

We also need volunteers to work the Feast hall as waiters and waitresses/bartenders!

If you want to have a stall open to host a game or have some other form of attraction, feel free to DM me about it at Karidan#4463 on Discord!

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