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[v2.35] Face Icons Layering Issue
The pop up for displaying face icons doesn't display properly when viewing a battle, likely due to a layering issue.
This works fine for me in battle.

Also, please provide a screenshot or some other details of how you're testing it and coming to the conclusions you are. Bug reports that lack details are a problem lately.
As per my original post it is specifically when you are viewing a battle, and seemingly not when you are participating in it, I will provide screenshots but I generally found them unhelpful to add to this bug report.

[Image: ScYVIzY.png]
[Image: HZFuNWg.png]
[Image: IOBndHE.png]

Toggling battle background on and off does nothing either.

The method in which I am producing this:
1) I view a battle ongoing
2) I click the emoticon to bring up the face icon selection
3) It appears that the face icon selection is underneath the battle and not over top of it, on the same layer as my character most likely.

I can't add much more to the bug report, as I cannot find any other reason why this might be happening.
Thank you for clarifying. This is not a bug however, at least not one that would be easy to change - the face-icon selector is tied to your character's sprite, which isn't in the battle, which is why you aren't seeing it.
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