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Mine Continent Attacks Guide
Hello, Whitender here. I am here to decide make a guide to know how Mine Attack works from all complicated stuff that may have happened from In Character, Out of Character. I don't know but they are very hard to deal with without any good knowledge when doing this for the first time. But I'll help you with some good knowledge that would make it easier. And I have added spoilers to it but it's so you can read it one by one without hurting your eyes while learning how to deal with.
Read them carefully! Since it can be complicated to read, with all the effort put into this within a friendly writing style, as the information can be uneven.

Important Side note: 
This contains all Continent Mine Attacks help and this guide will give you SPOILERS.
This is my
warning now, but do know this can be freely used when ever your ready to read this. 

And if there is a mistake or a typo for this guide, kindly point it out through the Forum's Mail.

Oh, and refrain from chatting in here since this is pending to be locked. (Unless that prevents from editing)

Basic Information (Recommended to read this first!)

Quote:Mine Attacks is a Raid-based Event where the World announces it. Randomly picking between Sigrogana, Kysei, Alstalsia, Lordwain and Gold. Under a random time that lasts for awhile as miners ran away before disappears like Black Beast attacks but longer. Under a short or even a long boss fight under a Life and Death Situation While may include some things from out of it including:
  • Always Level 90 Bosses depending on Continent.
  • Two Title Effects that would be randomized on each different fights.
  • Can be fair, or suddenly unfair on you or the bosses
  • 10* Items with a greater chance.
  • Risk and Reward and  Two Massive Cores and Chimeric Mass and Magic Mud.
  • When defeating one of the Bosses. Vengeance Roar buffs the one that is alive by making them deal 50% more damage. And Trembling Roar can ruin your recovery for the rest of the battle into giving you interference, choose wisely who to defeat first! As the examining on the each one's stats. If it's hidden from you, look at the others.
    Example: If Boss A Stats are Hidden, Look at Boss B's Stats that is exposed as it would have vengeance roar. Then it's best to assume Boss A have Trembling Roar.

However, as always, it's a recommended to party with anyone. Or have some Mercenaries with you if you don't have friends. And yes you at least have friends unless your an antagonist that lives under the edge. 

While it may be attempted once if you defeat the Raid already. But remember to Bring some Items or something to back you up and Inn before you get in or start the raiding and sell some stuff and bank important equipment if possible.

List of Possible Mini Boss effects

Quote:This can be crazy list. But it's very important to know what your against. Red means it would make more Offense. Blue would mean more defensive. If it's Bolded, then it would be more deadly to deal with. As there's a rare chance that you'll have to face against one that have two of the same title that doubles the trouble.
  • Floating - Haves 100% Resistance to all Earth Damage. Best to pack some other elements than earth elements unless you can nullify against it,.

  • Rock-Solid - Removes all weaknesses (if any) Remember that you can deal bonus damage on the enemies weakness? Now you just can't.

  • Assassin - Increase critical chance on the level of the unit. Pack faith.

  • Diamond - Increases Defense and Resistance by 5. Not too much, but small protection.

  • Mountain - Reduce Earth damage by 25% and Immune to Knockback. You can't push them, but you can still make they move to you.

  • Towering - Doubles maximum Health, I hope you have something to dish all of their health.

  • Raging - Increases strength by 5 and hit to the enemies level. Evade Characters may have to be cautious.

  • Sturdy - 5 more Defense and leaves it one health If it equal or more its Max HP. (Meaning One-hit on bosses would make them alive in one go)

  • Arcane - Increases Will by 5. All attacks are considered magical.

  • Steel - Increases Physical Defense by 50% but takes 25% more damage from Fire. Physical attacks deal 50% than usual.

  • Terror - Inflict Fear from basic hits. Fear can stop you in many ways unless your immune to it.

  • Vampiric - Life steal 10% damage from basic attack. Not too much, but that can be a problem while recovery.

  • Berserk - Deal more Damage on how much health its missing. Less the health, the power level the damage it would deal on any attacks.

  • Cursed - Inflict a random negative Status from basic attacks that leads to Poison, Fear, ETC. Just be aware that Stun can hurt if it applies.

  • Malice - Inflicts haunted to the enemy on basic attack. Another hit from them and they'll deal a real mark.

  • Maniac - Immune to Fear and increases Strength by 5. Not really a threat, but more strength means more power.

  • Agile -  Increases Evade. This can be nightmare for people that Basic Hitting.

Quote:The Easiest Regular Mine Attack and Painfully Hard if your not Prepared. As you'll face against Jammer Omega and Lava Slime. They are both lack protection, but they punch hard. But as long you know what your doing. But they don't dodge too much, but be cautious as always. While they can Rampage if they follow you too long.
Jammer Omega:
Remember that Mob from the storyline from the start? That's Him, but stronger and maybe harder. 

  1. As Jammer Omega haves lacks defenses, but he does follow who's near and can slam down if he's tired chasing you while Focusing against you. While if your friends have a way to distract it then you'll be safe. As their blunt arms packs a punch.
  2. Though it make take awhile to defeat it if you deal small low damage. But you can take it down very easily  if you can do big number of damage. Regardless what your weapon is. But it would be easier. Once you do these many times.
  3. Oh, and don't forget they have sanctity for status resistance.
Lava Slime: Unlike the other Slime we recently talked about. This one gives off a Spice to the hands. 
  1. This Unit have straight up Fire Absorb and 50% Water Weakness, because of course. Water beats Fire to cool it down.
  2. As hitting it with a basic attacking as a melee user hurts but pack some ghost hand the gloves edition if you feel like you don't want your blade too hot or pack a Nihilist to not make them absorb the fire. While they can leak Lava as a tile similar to cinders upon their movements.
  3. As if you don't have that, then either use an alternative skills you may have, or swing them carefully that automatically hits. But a small drops of water never hurts to cool it down. But don't relax yet, if you lack heat protection as it can deal hurtful amount damage to Anyones skin. 
  4. And it's Fire and Earth can surpass your absorbing of fire and immunity of fire. But Fire Resistance against it would give a back up. Also they have more resistance than defense. But utilizing whatever you needed to use for any combat you should have will be easily dealt with. If you got hit once from them, Retreat and kite like a butterfly if possible or prepare defense. Unless your actually prepared to get a [b]skin burnt.[/b]


Quote:As you Travel around the Continent of Kysei, there is a Gigas Rex and a Spectre Knight, Oh no! As the same difference is that they have defenses within their sword or bites. You may have to have something... Something that can destroy their armor! And... They have weaknesses too. Armor Breakers or even the Infamous Vorpals can deal with this. Expect this to be more challenging than Sigrogana.

Gigas Rex: This big monster may have big defenses, but defense is the best offense? Not always, but he seems to halt a lot of physical attackers from doing real damage. Unless your able to cheese this. Since they are critically lack defenses from the hits easily, while have an open spots for magic to be casted at. 

  1. But while you cut them or cast magic on them, they began to become aggressive from their Extinction fang to Raging Fang if their health is under a certain percentage. Adding in Physical Fire Damage onto your allies nearby it under a 3 diamond radius on hit. But if your Black Knight, Steel Aura can stop it. Can use a Firefox Install for recovery unless your interference or unless you weak to it. Then Distance if possible.
  2. Rexquake would be triggered into dealing physical earth damage to all enemies if you make you chase you around too much. But have a chance that is not effecting you sometimes if your character is evasive or in a distance to no get effected from it. But don't gamble about this one.
  3. Oh and also, your able to out speed it too from their heavy shell. And Poison can do the trick to lower its health every round as they lack status resistance and critical evade under a slow process, but if you wait enough. Then it would be taken down.
Spectre Knight: Here comes this Knight that is out from their grave, as they may have an undead structure. But I know that there is some stuff can strike them down and smite as long they do it correctly. Legends says they are keep getting exorcised even today.

  1. They may have a thing called Called Cladis Mortem Null, the meaning of the true undead. 50% Resistance for Darkness. 50% Weakness to Light, and it's immune to poison, fear, and charm. So put your darkness damage away unless you can nullify it. And Exorcism can deal effective damage against them. Same for Anti-thesis and other exorcism boosts. Fated Enemy from legend extend Included.
  2. If your character is feared. Expect 50% more damage from Fallcall onto you unless your a Shaitan because your ignore to it. And Malice would make it worse if you have no resistance. But remember that Liquid Courage is a thing too. While their Spectre Sword should be easy to resist from.
  3. Their Defense should be straight forward balanced on resistance and defense stats and for some reason can somewhat have evade to dodge. That's right, your able to miss a basic attack on a Spectre knight if you don't have enough hit. And they have status resistance even if they have no faith. Good Luck.
  4. Oh, and Don't forget that Spectre Knight are fast enough to chase you due to being a Skilled hunter. Use Ice tiles or Celsius or anything to slow it down if you have to find a way for recovery on distance. Unless your able to survive their darkness of evil blade if it hits.

Quote:Now your moving deeper into danger in the wilds of Alstalsia. Here's Fangs the Shark the Demi-god of the Sea. and Alraune the Plant Lady of Charming. Except it's more worse than it seems. But they both at least have elemental weaknesses and ways to fight against these monsters so hear me out! 

Fangs: That big shark there? That's where the big boy is that have their sharp fangs but may have are:

  1. An Big boy Seacrest, as they have 50% Fire resistance, but in a draw back of 25% earth weakness.  Though it can be fried, but it would make them wobble when they are diving, though the weakness might not proc if rock. But the weakness can be removed if they suddenly got floating, mountain. or rock-solid. Removing the chance for Galren users sometimes.
  2. Once They the begin diving. They become difficult to aim at while they charge their bite attack. Or they can Rampage on you while diving. Making your group take physical Blunt damage. While attacking it when its diving will lower their the diving, and possibly can end if a certain enough damage is done. Into bringing up to the ground. If you can drain their focus, they won't be able to dive or maul anymore. (They'll straight up basic attack and rampage)
  3. While they may be the sharpest shark around this continent, they may not have luck nor big defenses and even faith and will. But that can chase you down under their teeth if your not fast enough. Though it may not be able to be hit while diving. But you can critically strike it with your weapons due to their lack of faith. As long you can aim onto them and dodging (if possible) at the same time. Or blast with one go with magic if your class is like that.
Alraune: Oh look a cute charming plant lady of beauty right? Haha... Wrong. As this lady there is trying to hit you down to your death with their vines if you dont eat your vegetables.
While not forgetting:

  1. Having a Hidden Resistance and weakness of 25% earth resistance and 25% wind weakness. While did you know that is applies to that to Mad Vine too? Due to pulling them out from their roots from the floor does hurt them. Under a small faith of their plants and a lack of speed.
  2. When your one space nearby them will bring an infliction rate onto you around 181 on infliction rate, a dangerous number. If you fail to resist it, you will be inflicted with Level 90 charm unless your character have very high status resistance or immune. And characters nearby it Alraune herself would direct to the charms that are inflicted nearby. Even getting attacked from here won't lower the duration. So keep your distance away from her if possible. While Steel Mind or equip Heart of Stone but when in doubt, pack cleanse potions. And use them wisely.
  3. Not only they use the charm for their defenses, but they big certain amount of defense under an exchange of Lack Resistance. Meaning you can still physical attack and lower it down like fray or rampage or anything. But if you don't have those options, do whatever you needed to do on your offense attacks.
  4. They also spawn random plants every round that lasts for 3 rounds. And stepping onto of them will boost minor stats depending which one your on while you can push it. Meaning you can air pressure them against it, or cyclone.
  5. Don't think your safe when kiting. Vine Slasher can hit hard under Earth physical attack. And leaving a mark of Thick vines that lowers evade. As you can't just stand on one place, while they can chase you or your friends down running away if no one is occupied to stop her.


Quote:So, as you travel to the landscapes of a cold area on the mine's entrance as miners ran away while you saw them run. One with a one eye. Another with three heads. But they both have claws. Going to approach you menacingly under this cold climate inside. This will give off a cold shoulder. And you can't defeat those beasts unscratched. But there are ways to take them down.


An White Beast looking wolf, with three heads with the three different color of eyes with a cold aura. Ready to give you freezing chill upon fighting against them.

  1. Have a large amount of stats with a full out prepared offense and fast. But that won't stop you since they lack faith and absolute resistance to status effects. Meaning your able to critically hit them easily if you can aim while be cautious of their claws.
  2. Also don't ever think that they can be halted by Ice Tiles, due to their Snowshoes. They have paws to be prepared to navigate under the ice, but they are not prepared to navigate on cinders if you have them on you. Meaning Frostbite status wont effect them, but any other does.
  3. Ice Flame at the third round will throw one to three multiple homing Ice-cold projectiles dealing magical ice damage depending on how many allies you may have. (And can hurt very much, trust me) And have someone distract while guarding.
  4. When they walk up to you, they can either attack or use their Freezing breath. Causing victims that are one tile nearby them unable to move or dodge and inflicted with Frozen level 90. Best to stay far away and close too if you ever melee. Timing is possible strategy for distancing.
  5. When they have their Cerberoar activated. They will have their 20 strength added in for their claws to hurt by more damage for their basic attack. But it means the realistic danger zone to people who doesn't run resistance or worse when they have a berserk title. Giving them a chance to bring out a very strong attack from their charge.
  6. In a few certain amount of turnsIce Tornado will be activated if you don't dispell their roar status. Using their whole Throwing a 7 wide tiles Diamond Radius projectile that leaves off Ice Tiles. But can be reflected back to if your mirror isn't consumed or use Metalaegis Reflection Skills if your an engineer. Otherwise, move aside from the Tornado Range are before they blast it into wiping your team with an possible overkill.
  7. To Shorten up how to deal with this Fenrirberus Ice attacks, Install with Yukionna's Ice Reflection. Or Haku's Ice Immunity if you contracted them as a summoner and pack ice resistance or equip the Infamous Circle Ring to absorb their ice attack unless your interference. If Possible if you have one. If not, I guess you may have to get someone to defend and distract for you. Oh, and their claws too. Pack ice resistance or equip the Infamous Circle Ring to absorb their ice attack unless your interference. If Possible if you have one. If not, I guess you may have to get someone to defend and distract for you. Oh, and their claws too.
Spatial Ravager

Not only the Fenrirberus is dangerous, but this One can give off more danger than you actually thought. Able to scratch off your armor into making you defenseless from their slashes. Though their Armor is Heavy. But not too fast, but fast enough to approach. That one with one eye with a color green. But they can provide these things:

  1. Every round, this Ravager spawns Shooting Stars to all enemies regardless range. Dealing low (around unavoidable light 10 damage). And can ruin a perfect streak of health, Demon Hunter's Snake Dancer, Die Hard. But can be resisted out of their light damage. Can trigger devotion easily too.
  2. First off their Ravage Spin hits nearby enemies within 2 Range diamond shape., dealing Slash physical damage equal to their strength and half of their level. And Inflicting the Status Rampaging. Starts by Level 3, 9, 15 as it stacks to get worse from each attack you get hit from it. ETC. As it's a bad thing for people who have defense stacks. Careful Tank builds people. But can be stopped if you drain out.
  3. If you are running away from them like a corner, don't think they won't get you. They can pull your group closer to them from their Black Hole. Dragging you up to 8 tiles to it. But can be lowered down if you have large amount of battle weight.  Every 5 BW =  one less tiles from getting dragged. Or whatever can stops you from being dragged.
  4. I may nearly forget, but they have Record Erasure. Meaning you won't be able see their stats. But you have to guess it all by yourself. But it does show their health and focus points. While some stuff is shown here that is known for you.
  5. Once you get them around half of their health, you will suddenly trigger them into Demon Translation changing not only their appearance from green to yellow. Boosting all of their stats by 4. And reduce 20% damage they usually take. While movement is added up by two to approach closer.. While it's a warning they are going to rampage on the next round.
  6. After the Demon Translation that is said above, they would most likely activate their Ravage Rampage similar to their Spin, except it's more crazy as it uses their whole turn. Total of 18 times, teleporting at all non-occupied spots. Nearly unavoidable. I hope you all packed your defenses. As the slashes may be divided by half while inflicting rampaging multiple times on each hit. As Morganite may not save you, as the only to save yourselves is either spread out, or guard to protect themselves. But do note that they can use this skill multiple times regardless how many focus points they have.


Quote:As you arrive around the Continent Gold. You stand on your ground as you felt if there is mirrors are left on your foot. Trembling as there is a Mirror Knight Errant. And the Feathered Serpent. The Dodge God Snake. While both forces can be difficult to deal with when doing the tactics poorly or if your unlucky for
Expect to take this seriously for this continent since this can be hard and even difficult if your unlucky and unprepared..
Mirror Knight Errant
You should know this Knight, the one that copies one of your friends under their sword and armor. But this may be difficult alone. But with the power of friendship tactics. It's possible to strike down under their shining plot armor.

  1. First off, they have straight up 90 on both defense and resistance stats and even large status resistance and very strong offense stats as a Doomwall. With an exchange of no luck, faith and will, guile even their lack of speed itself to dodge. While they can hit very hard to defenseless characters. So most importantly, Rampage and Vorpal and anything that can break through armor defenses. Will do the trick. As they will always basic attacking.
  2. Not only they reflect magic damage by 20% damage dealt from your attacks, but it can be disabled by physically attacking and giving the user the status effect:
    Broken Mirrors that lowers your luck each time you do that. As they can ruin anything. Cinders and Damaging Tiles would do the trick into prevent magic retaliation. But that can go worse for the person who put the cinders or damaging tiles on them. Since those surpass their armor.
  3. Oh, and don't forget that can summon a Soldier (Far-off Shine) that is another to fight against that mimics one of your friends appearances as an distraction. As they may have similar stats with no abilities. But they do indeed hit hard. But your able to take them down before the knight itself.
  4. And don't forget, they will be able to copy Temporary status effects buffs (Vanity) from your group teams if you have them. That would make them stronger and more difficult if they have recovery.  So Minimize using by having small amount of buffs that makes you stronger and use permanent ones instead, you don't wanted to get mirrored painfully or them getting constantly stronger and recovery for each one.
  5. Last and not least. You can steal back some temporary status effects back if you have steal from rouge or the cat mask. And draining their focus will make them no longer able to copy status effects.
Feathered Serpent
Alright, this can be tricky, and painfully deadly and complicated. I hope your prepared for the wind itself and this snake, as it will be utterly annoying.

  1. For their stats, they are very fast and evasive like a bird that you may need to stack hit if your basic attacking, with hard scaled defenses and regular resistance under large amount of faith as dark water/puddles and armor destroying moves to take them down easily. Making them hard to inflict against, critically against. And also difficult to one shot it due to their grace from their divine scales and it's nearly impossible to surpass the limit unless you critically strike them and reduced their armor.
    (And still be able to be poisoned for some reason.) 

  2. Also don't forget including Elemental resistance to FireIceWind, and Lighting by 30%. Though you can use something to ignore their elemental resistance if you do have it. And the Snake can't be pushed or pulled due to their heavy body, unless it ignores knockback immunity or something that forces from one position.
  3. Though, they will go on easy on you on their Supportive first phase. As Argent Light they can heal the Knight or the Soldier if you lower their HP in a certain percentage of 65% of their bar while your taking it down first, as a Interference a day and their healing goes away. Making their recovery worthless for their fighters. And also Distortion to make their allies harder to hit by level 90 evade status buff. (Similar to Spellthief's skills) And also able to strike with their Razor Feathers basic attack if your one tile nearby them, can be dodged and parried as well. Just be careful when to get near and get out from the way.
  4. After to lowering their health enough into 75% to their threshold of health. They would stop going supportive and enter into their Second Phase Offense Where they will be attacking into weather controlling. As it may change the way how you must proceed fighting against not only the snake. But also the Knight too if they are alive and soldier as well. 
  5. From Shed Light, when it first activate, it will starts with a level 90 for a defensive counter status effect. Whatever you do, DO NOT ATTACK IT. Doing so will negate the damage and end up making it stronger as it increases the level of the incoming counter that you should brace yourselves from, and guard if you have it or stay far away. After it activates again. It will bring out a Global Auto-Hit of Light Elemental equaling to the level that is powered up plus how near are you from the snake. Minus by how far your away from it and your usual stats as it can trigger evasion. Meaning you can be over-killed if it's above too much of the level. And don't think dispelling it would work.
  6. After they Shed Light, they would Either make a Hurricane, or shoots off a Aerial Impact. Causing the next series of events you have to deal with.
    The Hurricane will ignore any bonus movement that could be possibly for status effects. And reduces Range Weaponary hit percentage by 90%. Like Guns and Bows, and even tomes if they are not melee weapons. As the battlefield will push you down to the south by 8 tiles , or until you hit the edge of the area and possible a  once a new round starts. Can be difficult to reach if you tried to attack them, as occupied tiles can solve for you for protection from being moved down if placed behind you. And rocks that hit you will make you airborne and stunned. 
    Aerial Impact may be a problem if you don't have resistance stats or lacking resistance from them. Shooting off a long range projectile that will deal Crazy Amount of Wind Magical Damage. Able to Penetrate and chain attack your group through one line that makes Air shafts. But can be stopped from reaching you if you have something projectile reflecting, you can may pack wind resistance for this one attack. So uh, Pack Spirit Mirrors.
  7. Once the thing up there has been done. They will use their whole turn, [b]Snake Slam[/b] with their weight of a snake god. Dealing Heavy Earth Physical Damage under a Three diamond range if the group is nearby. And summon Rocks on Unoccupied spots, giving a warning if your nearby it's north direction. 
    Within their Godspeed, they will force all rocks move down. And you can get hit multiple times out from the rocks, and even can friendly fire itself and their allies out from it as you get stunned. And they could pull out into doing Aerial Impact. Or Shed Light onto you that is said above, or Hurricane if they didn't activate it yet.
  8. As you may get closer into one health but doesn't get down due to their Immortality. That's because they will take themselves down itself by Shed Light. And after that, it's gone, but it won't transfer any status effects as taking them down defeated. Because of course, they took themselves down, not you.

Quote:Foolishness, Reader. Foolishness. This Knowledge may grands off good quality of tactics. But you can't exceed further until the Lord Himself, Devours of Souls.
Gives off a mine attack for this continent. But don't worry. Wait until the
Late 2021 and he'll gift us the information that may soon it may be released.
As this is your Early Christmas
 gift for this precious community that encouraged me to stay into writing this. Otherwise I'd then left to do other stuff instead of this.
(Yes I am horrible of Jokes, but that is the end of the Paragraph, but I hope you can utilize those knowledge ICly and OOCly too for this long journey to write this guide.)
Also, you can send me logs of you doing it from the information shared if you plan to do it, I love to see the interactions as you RP this one out! By discord or by the Forum's mail. And comments as well.

Your all lovely people.
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