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[Karaten] Temporary Karaten Fort (Information for the time being)
Alright so! As it stands our Main fort (Like Arjav) is currently not mapped so we have to settle with a Temporary fort. Of course, no one knew where this was and to avoid people reporting Karaten's crimes to the Imperial Guard or the likes I'm making it public. To do this I've been working on the temp fort for the last few days, and now I'm ready to make it's location public to make reporting things to us easier. The Temporary Fort is nothing special but still undergoes the same rules as Fort Arjav.

Getting In touch with the Karaten guard is pretty easier, for the most part, just ping the guards in #pingme in the public discord and ask for the Karaten guards.

Directions to the Karaten Temp Fort: Head West of the Mage Guild to the West District and then Head North when you enter the west district. The fort is a player house so the door name will be Von Hargrave Grounds // Karaten Fort Temp. Once in the house, there will be a Portal on the right-hand side of your screen, head towards that and you'll be at the Temp Karaten Fort.

PLEASE NOTE: As the temp fort is a Player house, logging out will remove you from the fort itself. I ask you on behalf of the guard force there to please not abuse this knowledge as this is very likely against the rules to do so.

[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: Empress_of_Light.gif]
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