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Maha Khello - Ability Interpretation / Unique Spell Catalyst
Applicable BYOND Key - RoboCat
Character Name - Maha, Khello (Hardlight Harbinger)
Request Type - Ability Interpretation / Custom Catalyst

Request Details -  The request is for permission to roleplay skills, attacks and spells of the earth element as attacks formed with electromagnetism. Everything needs an extent, and I was hoping to have it basically be a toned down version of Misaka Mikoto's electromagnetism abilities from the anime/light novel; A Certain Scientific Railgun. I.e. forming crude weapons from metallic particles in the dirt, slightly reducing the momentum/impact of metallic weapons to represent the defense gained from the defense stat, sticking to stone/metal surfaces etc. I have a link to a wiki page with examples of what sort-of abilities would be toned down and roleplayed on-hand. It would be done through a set of glove catalysts.(it's a regalia'd Morganite-Head Staff)

Reason why you are making this request (if applicable) - I'm making the request because I would not like to go through the shift in my character's previously established skills and proficiencies to use the build that I have just switched to. Also, because it'd be really cool to eventually pass the catalyst onto someone else more fit for it later down the line.

Roleplay & Lore supporting your request -  My character has effectively been a bootleg magitech engineer and magician since his conception. This has even been to the extent of hurting himself in his pursuit of new ways to enhance and use basic magical equipment and abilities. Having acquired some new and high-end equipment, he's become even more invested in getting the best out of his equipment and pre-established abilities. This is icly leading directly into the culmination of the insight gained from watching the creation of his new equipment and the wisdom he's getting from the various spars he's been partaking in. The electromagnetic spells would be performed through an effective upgrade of the last two types of catalysts that he'd jimmy rigged to fit his fighting style. 

For more context, the combat skills that he is proficient in are the use of shotguns, magic shells, karate, lightning magic and dark magic while he's currently advancing better ways to use light magic with light(mostly mercalan) magic being something his race is somewhat proficient in(He's an elf). His first real attempt at trying to enhance his karate with magic were some basic gloves to shock the people he struck, the gloves also shocked their user. He eventually got some assistance with altering them into a safer form that worked for releasing faster, but weaker versions of the basic rye spell. From there, he moved to basically repeat the process on his own but with gloves for ice and eventually fire in hopes of selling them. While the selling part didn't go so well at-first, he did manage to branch off into larger projects from there, namely altering defensive equipment in a similar manner(it was just a more magic-resistant body-suit. That led directly into him basically putting two and two together with the gloves and the suit to avoid hurting himself. 

After a while of using that with his guns, he basically sold most of what he'd made to get a better suit and a custom catalyst(it's a fake eye that works as a catalyst for light spells) made. Given his tendency to mess with things, he's currently in the process of doing exactly what he did to the last suit to his new suit. Taking notes from how his new equipment is made is leading to him making a catalyst for even smaller and more efficient lightning spells that could take advantage of electromagnetism and help him grow closer to the full extent of his abilities.
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I think you'll have to explain this out a bit more, I'm having trouble grasping the range of capabilities you're asking for. Also, is the earth magic still involving earth or is it meant to just be unrefined metal from the earth used in various ways?

I don't have a problem with the staff being roleplayed as magical gloves though.
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Alright! Also, no, it would not be earth magic. It would just be manipulating unrefined metal, yes.
A better tldr; Using lightning magic to magnetize unrefined metal to imitate earth magic. Getting the earth element for a person with no real capacity for earth magic.

Well, here's a link to the abilities. The ones in particular are specifically in the electromagnetism section. I planned to rp it being very toned down, but I do feel like the examples on the page are a good representation of what I'd rp to an extent in terms of the ability's usage.
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I feel like this isn't really feasible then.

Either you'd have to carry around bags of unrefined metal everywhere, which while isn't impossible, it is frankly silly and unwieldy. Or it'd be way too situational as there's no way most surface level locations would have the quantity of metal material to do the things you're trying to accomplish (or you'd have a level of magnetism that's way too reaching and powerful to permit.)

I think it would be better to consider alternatives, such as trying to train your character to learn Geomancy from someone else or if they have absolutely no ability to do so then consider making a new character to facilitate this and do something else with this one.
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Alright! Thanks for the feedback.
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