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Aquamancy Water Wall Rework Please
The Aquamancy Water Wall Ability, needs a bit of a rework. the move itself is supposed to prevent people, and projectiles from going through the wall, as is stated in the abilities description. 

However I've noticed it doesn't stop, any bow or gun attacks. Which is about half of the games projectile moves, not counting other classes FP moves. What makes that increasingly infuriating is that it prevents all allies projectiles, bow, and gun included from going through it, but allows the enemies bow and gun to go through it, which makes it even worse.

I'd request the wall be updated to prevent bow and gun attacks from going through it. Since its not doing what the abilities description says it should
Basic attacks aren't really projectiles. Water wall blocks miu, fir, libegrande, aerial razor, kadouha, eclair lacroix, warp strike - these sorts of things, and arguably it doesn't need to do much more.
If anything it should allow ally projectiles to pass through it.
A fine concern, but it ain't really that realistic to make happen given how attacks work. I don't think it's necessary but a better visualization of how it could be implemented would revolve granting Spirit Mirror's reflect ability if an unit is standing within one square of a Water Wall, while under the effects of Ensui Veil.

The attack would be reflected, and the water wall would be destroyed as Ensui Veil's duration is reduced by 1 round.
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