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More ways to expressyoself
A simple suggestion, nothing too crazy and I wonder if it would work.

Basically what I had in mind was more emote and says, currently we have normal, loud, and quiet type emotes. 

I even noticed you can sing (though it no longer lets me use it for some reason.

My suggestion is basically, MOAR!

something like a mumble, not quite a whisper, that would work somewhere between whisper and say, for when you want people around you to hear something, but not everyone.

as for others, perhaps mumble would just be say, but much like quiet person, it would block things, perhaps making only some of the say be heard, as if you were hearing it, but not quite, not sure if that would be possible, just a fun idea I had recently.
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The verb for sing is 'song' iirc.

And yeah this is nice and I support, but the idea would be better if it was more solid and 'ready-to-be-implemented'.
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We should be able to choose the range of our "say". Over the normal range would be shout, under the normal range would be whisper.
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