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The Great Slowconing 2 (Default name change for debuff)
Currently in the game we have multiple status effects that alter (negatively) your movement, but... we do not have a 'default' status effect for it. This is kind of ugly when trying to discuss with someone else and never have a 'default' name for what the 'slow' status is named in SL2.

So! I'd like to suggest something simple this time, basically just a rename in a sense:

Quote:- Remove Celsius and Move Mod debuffs from the game.

- Add 'Slow'; Effect: Move is reduced by LV.

That's my ted talk, but if the removal of Celsius is not appealing, just change it to have an effect of its own, like Celsius lowering someone's temperature and making them susceptible to being Frozen (i.e, doubles the LV of Frozen if someone is inflicted by it while under Celsius). It justifies why it would be different from any normal 'slow'.

Otherwise, I don't see why it should stay this way, myself.
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Most slow effects should be united under 1 actual effect I agree, this would also make it so that pulling shot's knockdown effect is much easier to apply to skills that reasonably should apply it.
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Final bump. I'm sorry for this Dev-
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