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v2.38 Anchor Edge attack animation always uses the same position
When you use a normal attack on an enemy while using Anchor Edge, the game will always rotate the icon in a single way regardless of the direction you swing it at. This was not an issue previously, for the record, so I'm guessing it has to do with the Regalia update part of it in some way.
Easy to test, just grab an Anchor Edge and hit the Prinny from different directions. Make sure to look at the Anchor Edge's animation when you do the attack - it'll always have the same position regardless of how you're swinging it, instead of rotating accordingly for west/north/south/east.
EDIT: Screenshot from test server below. I swung at the Prinny from the left and the icon showed up as if it'd be moving upwards. It seems it's always positioned towards the north.
[Image: LQpfWDH.png]
[Image: 4KGBqHm.png]
[Image: unknown.png]
As a note, Freezing Round similarly acts the same, it no longer spins in its little animation anymore.
[Image: ZwZQKR6.png]
This has been corrected, however be aware that your regalia will have to be oriented the same way as the Anchor Edge to look right.
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