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Carmine - Ability interpertation & Flight App
Applicable BYOND Key - HoboCat
Character Name - Carmine Tamanaka
Request Type - Ability interpertation

Request Details -  It's the request to have youkai shapeshift with and control my character's old mechanation frames. There's no mechanical benefits being requested. I also added the simpler flight application to this one, since the reasoning is simple.

Reason why you are making this request (if applicable) -
Youkai+ Mechanation frames - I'm mostly requesting this one because I think it'd be cool, and basically plan to roleplay them like they're kuroko's possessed corpses from the anime: Akame Ga Kill. It's also apart of my character testing to see if they'd be stronger than normal youkai. I'd use a youkai regalia to show it. I'd also use this rp in the eventual use of the engineer class.

Flight - For travel and so that I can roleplay my character making their way to public events faster. It would also be nice to write them being helpful with the ability to fly.

Roleplay & Lore supporting your request - 
Possessed Mech Frames - I don't have any logs, but from the start my character has been a cabal mech magician, summoner and researcher looking for more safe and direct ways to study the spaces outside of the in-game dimension; namely the void. The stuffing youkai into mechanation frames is based on the soul chains grand summoner skill and the shapeshifter class. They're not exactly open about it, mostly because the only line they don't cross in the study is their own safety.

Flight - Carmine is a masterful magician that was literally made to learn, cornicle and test ways of manipulating focus and alternative energies through magic, through various upgrades and update to their various frames over the years their capability to that has grown. The elements they've always taken a liking to have been wind and earth. With the efficiency of their wind magic and the focus they take in through the air, I think they would be able to sustain themselves in a focused high-altitude flight for relatively prolonged periods of time.
[Image: latest?cb=20150618145649]
I have issues with this idea:

- While we know Youkai are capable of possessing people, there's nothing so far said on whether they can do so to non-living things (corpses, objects, etc.)

And while Mechanations (which are artifically made) can be possessed by Youkai, they have a Llarian Scar, which is what makes them "alive". Without such, they are basically just an elaborate doll.

My current assumption is they cannot control the non-living but the actual answer is we don't know for certain.

- I don't think it's feasible for Youkai to reasonably have access to your character's old frames anywhere:

Aside from the above, I don't think they can simply take them along with them while unsummoned.

Youkai cannot merely persist forever either, so even if you can shove them into an unused mechanation body to move it for you, they will eventually need to depart as you run out of focus.

Which means potentially carrying up to however many mechanation bodies for this idea. I don't imagine that working out, given that they'll be heavy and around your character's size. Carrying around more than one sounds like an ordeal.

- I need more specifics on your flight request, mainly how fast and how long you're asking for.

Keep in mind, magical flight is a *very taxing* process, even for an expert wind mage. The usual standard I've given when this has been asked has been for a few minutes at a time.
[Image: 95e2774f19.png]
There's no real point of reference for the average speed of things in this game. With the level of flight I had in-mind, I figured that the character would be capable of basically launching themselves around like fast travel in a open world game. I'd need more information before I could properly answer that.

That said, I just want it to be swift enough for my character to appear somewhere in a relatively feasible time compared to the initiation of events icly. So lets say Tannis is under attack! I'd like the flight to be fast enough for my character to at-least be able to fly over before the halfway mark's worth of time ICly.
[Image: latest?cb=20150618145649]
If you're wanting your magical flight to be something akin to fast travel, then that isn't possible.

Let me put this in an example, let's just say you could magically fly about 80 miles per hour. (This is in the ballpark of the flap speed of some of the fastest birds in the real world.)

And say you could travel 5 minutes before needing to land and take a breather, at such a fast speed... That's still only about six and a half miles of actual distance in five minutes.

And while the specifics on how large things the world is and how long it would take to get places is left hush, to note Sigrogana is considered a continent.

So I think it's fair to say that unless you're already pretty close, using magical flight to appear at or near Tannis to intercept a Black Beast attack or what have you isn't in the cards.
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