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Lore Questions: February 2021
Guidelines for Lore Questions
1) You are limited to one question per topic. You may ask follow-up questions related to your initial question provided they are mainly 'yes' or 'no' questions. For instances where you are clarifying lore details, or for minor questions, it is recommended to ask in the #lore-questions Discord channel instead of in this thread.
2) Questions should avoid being overly specific when the topic is unknowns. (IE: Was anyone on Sigrogana ever killed with a spoon? Has there ever been a scandal involving a noble family on Kysei?) For this reason, it's best to ask questions pertaining to subjects that already have some establishment in the lore.
3) Avoid asking questions on the basis that you are trying to invalidate someone's RP or otherwise harrass them, etc. If you have concerns that someone may not be RPing properly, or has an outlandish concept, please take them to a GM in private.
4) Refrain from asking questions that have always been answered. Use the forum search function, view the lore compendium, or the wiki pages for the specific races (both on wikia and this site's wiki) to double check.
5) If you notice any contradictions in answers, you are welcome to point them out. Note that established lore may be rewritten as time passes based on necessity or desire.

Expectation For Answers
Questions may be answered at any time, but the general expectation is that all questions will be answered during the first week of the following month. Answers will be added to the lore compendium, which will be updated after the topic is closed.
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Alright then, time to ask more questions related to spell stealing-

In one of the previous lore questions, you mentioned that the effectiveness of copy spells goes down with time. How rapid is this process, and are there any ways to prolong that time frame? (making copies, special procedures to keep it from fading as quickly, simply having more skill with that form of magic, etc)
I imagine they can in general, but would a Mechanation experience any difficulties attempting to harness the power of Ki?
It is said that Soul Eating / Spirit Eating rituals or abilities merely prey on the Focus of the entity, instead of expunging it from existence. (As far as I remember, I might be wrong.)

1- Isn't that just a more vile way/alternative way of exorcising in the end?

2- Are there any consequences to exorcise through Soul/Spirit Eating?

3- Assuming there are no consequences, what makes it better or worse than normal exorcism?

4- What method 'actual' Exorcism uses to accomplish its goal of releasing a spirit/soul from its binding? (I.E, through Mercana and/or faith, through a specific type of magic made for it, etc.)

5- How easy it is for a Hexer or someone trained in Dark Arts to perform anything like that? Do they require a complex ritual or can it be done as easy as 'reaping and consuming Focus with the flick of a hand and a mean word'?

6- Do Mechanations have souls? It makes sense for them to, since they come from a tree, and all. But just in case?
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Chaos once answered in lore questions that the Church doesn't really moderate how people practice medicine and practical medical procedures. He mentioned that the Church mainly teaches magical healing, and that was about it (and that first aid was pretty much all they taught, and usually nothing beyond that).

My question(s) is: Is the Church widely known for teaching people practical medicine and procedures as well as healing magic (to the devout)? And do they only have knowledge as far as first aid goes, or are they more advanced than that? Would the world regard the Church as the medical epicenter and/or just the healing epicenter (and leave all the technical stuff to places such as Sigrogana or Kysei)?

I mainly ask since this is all predicated on the notion that Mercana or any healing magic shouldn't be abused, and I'd think the Church would be more advanced with practical medicine/procedure if that is the case.

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Chaturanga is stated to be lead by a council. But are this council's officials elected by some sort of public process, like a vote? Or are their successors appointed by the council members or other government officials somehow?
In regards to Beldam! We don't appear to have any information on it besides the Beldam Knights using lightning-based techniques and their symbol.

1) What sort of place is it, exactly? Are there any special attributes to the area beyond the whole mountain pass deal they're guarding?
2) Would there be a sort of training camp for would-be Beldam knights? Is it free to enlist so long as you have the will or would there be some sort of sign up fee to go through the whole training process?
3) Are Beldam knights something like Black Knights wherein they're mercenaries or are they forever bound to the empire/Beldam?
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Given the prevalence of spirits in the SL2 setting, how far can communing with spirits take someone/go?
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I assume an Amalgama's overall ability changes depending on the amount of souls used, but from the sound of things, there also has to be a point where the number of souls is either too few for it to help much, or instead too many to be able to reliably stitch together. So, what is the upper and lower limit on the number of souls that can be used to create an Amalgama, and what are the exact results of going under or over those limits?
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I remember asking this question awhile ago, but I can't quite find the answer to it anymore-

Do Mechanations leave behind spirits, and if so, is it because they have souls, or because they have emotions?

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