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Nevarious Riff (Electric Axe's potential)
Nevarious Riff's second use is not doing any significant damage for how much it costs to use in terms of Momentum (3M to prepare the buff, 4M to use it for damage, basically a whole turn) and FP (thanks to Action Repeat changes, 15 then 22 for a total of 37 FP), given it doesn't ignore protection nor Evasion, the damage is kind of tiny. But I also believe it shouldn't ignore any of those because it hits all foes regardless of distance.

My suggestion for it is simple. Can its damage part also scale from Sound ATK? So it ends in something like this:
Quote:Nevarious Riff

Plays a riff off the guitar, surrounding you with electrical bats for 5 rounds. While active, attackers will take Lightning magic damage equal to Electric Axe's UL if they hit you. You can reactive the skill to send the bats flying at all enemies, ending the effect but dealing Lightning magic damage equal to your Sound ATK + Lightning ATK + Electric Axe's SWA.

The weapon's potential's design alone is awesome, but I believe Sound ATK influencing its damage will be as thematic while serving to make it worth the whole 6M invested to use it. The damage it does currently is shy for its massive momentum cost, added to no longer benefitting from the lightning retaliation.
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I would love some sort of change to the electric axe's potential skill like this! I dual wield this bad boy as my character's main gimmick so seeing it get some love would be awesome. I think that as it stands, adding sound damage would improve it's damage output but not by a lot, as most people who are using this thing aren't gonna be building SAN :P Maybe make it like, 120% of the weapon's SWA or something?
120% SWA will be roughly the same as adding Sound ATK, the reason I didn't ask for a direct SWA buff was because instruments will probably be a Dark Bard's weapon of choice, and that possible future class will be sound based. Just future proofing.

Not only that, it also opens the potential for people who actually use Sound ATK too.
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Sound ATK scaling is fine to have for the most part, if anything I do agree that it should be an after-thought of the scaling and be sort of a bonus for those who cannot afford the sound ATK in their builds, so Nefarious Rift would be good with Lightning ATK + SWA scaling and then REALLY good if you should have all three.

That would make it feel satisfying.
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Sorry dark bard

I think dark bards deserved better so this is fine.
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You rock, Dev!
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