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[2.39] Preferences: Font Size Resets on Combat Relog
When closing the client and logging back in, if a player is currently engaged in combat their chat text size will revert back to default values. 

To replicate:

1.  Go to Open Preferences -> Chat Text Size: Custom -> Set your font size to a custom value.  (In this case, I used 17.)
2.  Enter combat with any mob or player.  The current turn, number of enemies, etc, do not impact this bug.
3.  Close the SL2 client.
4.  Relaunch the SL2 client.

Once the game has resumed, the text size will have reverted back down to a normal, smaller value.  As far as I can tell, this only affects the old chat system since you cannot (to my knowledge) change chat text size in the new chat system.

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