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Charm Synergy
Indirect damage builds such as with stacking DoTs don't seem to threaten too many people at the current moment so I don't think adding this potential synergy is particularly harmful to their gameplay, but I think that when it comes to wanting to inflict as many statuses as possible, charm loses its...well, charm. Due to poison/burn/lingering damage immediately getting rid of it because its 3 damage instances.

Is it possible for on-round damage to not reduce the duration of charm? Given a lot of charms have cooldowns now..I don't see this to be much of an issue, especially considering you would have to apply charm after applying all your DoTs to make it the most effective.
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I don't think damage over turns should be considered direct damage, or else stuff like Snake Dancer would be fair to affect them. In terms of mechanical logic, that is.

Charm should only be affected by direct damage.
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I always thought it awkward that these things do count, same a cinders or other tick damages that aren't directly caused. It makes it really awkward to play the Charm/Succubus build.
I've adjusted it so status and field damage won't reduce its duration.

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