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Aurora Clersen - Character Ability
Applicable BYOND Key - BiSexyUau

Character Name - Aurora Clersen

Request Type - Character Ability

Request Details - Since Aurora is a vampire, I would like her to have a purely interpretive ability where, by ingesting someone's blood, she would acquire information about that person, such as race, age, diseases... depending on the amount of blood, maybe even brief memories of what that person once lived (If the person agrees in OOC to give such information, of course). 

Reason why you are making this request (if applicable) - I love studying about vampires and vampiric powers in different games and urban legends, which makes me interested in certain peculiarities tied to blood itself. I understand that SL2 has its own lore and it is not my place to force an element from another lore into this game, so I think it is valid to question whether it would be allowed to interpret this kind of ability. 

Roleplay & Lore supporting your request - Blood may be common to other races, but to vampires themselves, it carries magical properties, it is like an essence of each individual. The cursed blood trait is proof of this, where a cursed individual inflicts penalties on others who try to consume their blood, and is even prevented from donating ig. Since my character has always been someone who likes to do "experiments" with different types of magic or activities involving blood, I could assume that certain knowledge and tricks involving this could have been learned.

However, I don't plan on requesting any more powers or tricks related to this if this one is approved. If it cannot be approved, I will totally understand!

Thanks for your time.
I don't imagine a person's blood would give any memories of theirs.

Perhaps you'd be able to tell the race, but likely not the age or diseases with any accuracy.

Was there anything else you had in mind for it that's not listed above?
[Image: themoreyoulearnandshit.gif]
[Image: 0jEzoZe.png]
Sorry for not answering sooner.

Well, I thought about the possibility of getting only superficial information about them, and since even an age estimate would not be possible, then I can't think of any suggestions other than the ones I listed.

Not being possible, I totally understand!

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