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Lucifer Hidekiyo - Age and Height.
Applicable BYOND Key - Spadius
Character Name - Lucifer Hidekiyo
Request Type - Young Age and Lower Height for a child Character (Age: 6 Height: 4'feet)

Request Details -  I am applying to  make a child character of Onigan nature. They are the Son of Desire/Rosa. For my personal interests of trying to enjoy some Family/Slice of life theme'd RP.

Reason why you are making this request (if applicable) - I'm making this request due to the guidelines requiring me to apply for Child characters as they are normally restricted, They are under the age of 13 and they also below the height limit as well. Overall I have talked with Rosa's player and have gotten permission to apply for this. I find it might be interesting to give this a shot and RP with others around the characters age and create some great RP and development

Roleplay & Lore supporting your request - Regarding Lore and Roleplay, Rosa's herself has mentioned that she has four kids. I have roleplayed with her before as well as met the kids in person myself in RP, when they were still NPC's. Due to this fact it has brought me interest to bring in one of the third kids into the world, so that the mother can show that geniunally exist as players and not just an NPC to fluff about, I have also got permission from the player to request this and voice this claim on the character
Very well, as long as you're following the guidelines set out:

Quote:Please keep in mind the following Child Character Rules:

* If your character is considered to be a child or pre-teen, they must behave like one. They can't be powerful or all-knowing, nor act like mature adults in child's bodies. This includes being a master craftsman before the age of 13, or becoming an expert in any particular field. (You can still mechanically grind a crafter, just don't reference it ICly until you've aged up.)

* No serious IC combat. Children are weak and won't be able to defend themselves, no matter their upbringing. You can still RP combat as a student of some form, but your abilities will not be mechanically viable and you should not be fighting mechanically in IC. (This is to avoid a level cap, so you can still enjoy the mechanics of the game OOCly)

* No sexualized content of any kind regarding or in reference to the child character, on or off game.

In addition, a character that young wouldn't be allowed to wander unattended without a guardian of some kind present.

Then I don't have any issue with it, assuming you understand that then you can consider this approved.
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