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Sidecut unleashed
Daggers are like swords, except shorter. Sidecut should be able to be used with daggers. Alongside possibly the rest of the duelist sword skills. A dagger is definitely a duelist-type weapon anyway. This would also go a way towards making daggers less self contained within pretty much strictly VA if you want to do anything with them.
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I suppose you could add a passive that allows any Sword or dagger to be capable of Sword Skills in Duelist, something similar to what DH has with Martial Lawbreaker or whatever it is.
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Yeah I think this would be a good thing overall for duelist, another way to use daggers than just the way folks have been for awhile, variety being the spice of life.
I was actually thinking that a suggestion about Sidecut/Sillcut being melee weapon skills could work, available for Sword/Axe/Spear/Fist/Dagger in general, this would massively increase the range of weapons Duelist could use similar to pre-kensei rework, and most likely help solve the issue they have with axes atm.
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Sidecut/Sillcut should be all melee weapons instead, I agree.
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(04-23-2021, 09:12 PM)Snake Wrote: Sidecut/Sillcut should be all melee weapons instead, I agree.
Yeah this is the way. Would reduce the amount of new skills needed for a dedicated  axe duelist tree to 3 skills.
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Sure, not so much sure about fist though. Sword, Dagger, axe, spear...weapons duelist advance classes can use.

That's works, even if they each are given specific alters base on the weapon.
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Honestly, letting both Still and sidecut be usable by all melee weapons does seem like the way. After all, hanging works with any weapon and it is even more effective in regards to both spacing you and attacking at the same time from a range. I didn't even think about how much of a boon that would be for axes too.
I think Sidecut/Sillcut being added to melee weapons would be really good. Fists are pretty much only locked to the currently-nerfed Shukuchi + Geldoren in terms of gap closer (that is, if you're using a fist that isn't ranged or has a potential that does the job, albeit on a cooldown).

For axes, the lack of mobility in the weapon is one of the core problems that why basic axes is mostly limited to one effective combo, that is Ghost/BK. Hanging is just THAT good. The idea enough about the skill just being a dash & strike doesn't make it complex enough to other weapons not being able to use it.
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Ye boi, preach-!

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